Kuromukuro Episode #12

Well, it seems that Yukina Shirahane will have summer classes while Mika Ogino will go to Tokyo Big Sight and do cosplay there.

Yukina-chan, your mother is not gonna be happy on having bad scores for the first semester!

On the other hand, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is better in English, surprisingly enough for a samurai! I guess he’s adaptive to modern society.

By the way, their search for Takehito Shirahane’s hideout has put on hold for now because…

…both Kennosuke and Yukina will have a training camp led by this foul-mouthed motherfucker named Tom Borden!

Yeah, this is gonna be hell on this training camp!

One more thing, Ryouto Akagi has participated in the training camp as he wants to become a geoframe pilot.

Sure that he’s aiming big but let’s face it, Akagi won’t last long in this hellish training regimen…

…in which he got a sprained ankle after dropping hard to the ground. Ryouto-kun, you suck!

Of course, the biggest loser out there is none other than Yukina Shirahane as she’s weaker than Ryouto Akagi. Yukina-chan, you let Sophie Noël down!

But hey, at least Liu Shen Mi will give Yukina-chan an intense massage that’ll lighten up her body instead of feeling sluggish all the time!

By the way, since they’re training their asses off during summer, there won’t be having extra lessons right?

Wrong, they still do as Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma will have summer classes from Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki.

Don’t let this JSDF Soldier/Sophie’s butler fool you as he’s good a teaching academics such as math, science, and history!

That’s right you two, hit the books if you don’t wanna get flunked in the second semester!

While Kennosuke will do fine, Yukina is feeling hotter than hell in this summer camp. Go for it, Yukina-chan!

Meanwhile, it seems that a leg sprain won’t slow Ryouto Akagi down from achieving his dream.

Damn, he’s such a stubborn kid, Ryouto should have stayed home!

On the other hand, seems that Yukina removed the shock choker from Kennosuke’s neck. It would be a disaster if someone pushed the button when the samurai is in the water!

While it’s a good thing that most of the UN Kurobe laboratory staff are starting to trust Kennosuke, Carrie Dunham and Heath Kingsley are still skeptical about him and his connection with Efidolg.

Speaking of Efidolg, they’re gonna send another frontier officer and this time, most of them will go covert this time around by hiding under the debris.

Oh yeah and one last thing, I have a feeling that this frontier officer named Nouet might be the lost princess of the Washiba Clan or even a clone perhaps. Who knows…

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