Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #12

Here it is, the final episode and I have to say that time is ticking for Mumei…

…as she makes her rampage at Kongoukaku! It’ll be all over if she loses her humanity.

Meanwhile, both Ikoma and Kurusu have arrived at Kongoukaku. As for the mad scientist who’s responsible for the Kabaneri experiment? He left and never heard from him ever again!

On the other hand, Ikoma’s black blood transformation has been stabilized for now, but there’s not much time for him though as Ikoma might lose his humanity.

So while Ikoma and Kurusu are rushing to save Mumei, Ayame Yomokawa tries to calm things down as the shogunate’s personnel are getting paranoid!

C’mon, Biba Amatori wants to inject fear and chaos to everyone!

Also, Ayame-sama wants her Kotetsujou crew back. They don’t do anything harmful to be honest!

Now back to the action as Sahari desperately tries to ram Ikoma with the Liberators’ iron train! Great idea…

…but let’s just say that Ikoma just push it away thanks to the black blood. You’re wasting your time there, Sahari!

Unfortunately for Sahari, he doesn’t surrender as he makes his final charge!

But alas, Sahari got pile-bunker’d in the heart! Well, there’s no need to sympathize him anyway…

Now then, it’s time for Ikoma to rescue Mumei from losing herself!

But first, he must kill Biba Amatori as he not only turned Mumei into a monster, but also turned the shogunate capital into a slaughterhouse!

And so, the final battle between Ikoma and Biba commenced. Unfortunately for Ikoma, it seems that he cannot control himself anymore…

…as Ikoma lose his humanity and turned into another Kabane. Damn, that’s sucks!

Oh look, Biba is going in for the kill! I guess this is the end guys and girls!

Nope, not a chance though for Ikoma as with a string of luck (it turns out that Mumei dropped Ikoma’s memento to the ground), he regained himself and slam his pile-bunker onto Biba’s chest!

Oh, and here’s Ikoma landing that fatal blow in another angle! Yeah, there goes Biba’s left arm!

Now that Biba has been defeated, it’s time for Ikoma to inject the white plasma onto Mumei.

Of course, given that there only one vial for the antidote, only Mumei will be rescued while Ikoma will just die out. It’s sucks, but that’s how it goes!

Anyways, Mumei is finally rescued and it’s time for her to meet up with the rest of the Kotetsujou crew.

Then again, there’s Biba Amatori as it seems that a single pile-bunker shot didn’t put him down!

Now, Biba is very angry as he’s gonna kill Ikoma while he’s lying to the ground!

Never mind, looks like Mumei or should I say Hozumi goes in for the kill. Well, how the mighty have fallen for Biba Amatori!

With that said, the leader of the Liberators has fallen…

Speaking of the Liberators, the rest of them wanted to join the Kotetsujou crew and make their escape.

But given that they did so much carnage at Kongoukaku, most of the civilians are angry at them!

But you know what, Ayame-sama would just let them join in as the Liberators know the escape route.

Of course, they’ll be subjected to harsh punishment should they betray the Kotetsujou crew!

And there you have it, this is the end of this wonderful anime series by Wit Studio as the Kotetsujou leaves Kongoukaku into the unknown!

Well, forget how wonderful Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is as while it has great visuals and a bombastic soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano, I feel that the inclusion of Biba Amatori and the Liberators into the picture has derailed the series. We’ll not know what’s gonna happen to the Kabane plague. Heck, it’ll spread further across Hi-no-moto with no explanation on how to eradicate all of them!

Apart from the plague, the questions surrounding the shogun’s plan of subjugating the entire Hi-no-moto population remained unknown. Then again, his plans to conquer the whole nation ala Nobunaga Oda was halted by his son Biba but of course, the leader of the Liberators might have plans to conquer Hi-no-moto while murdering Kabane and innocent people along the way.

But enough for my final thoughts, time for the epilogue as while all of the Kotetsujou crew are safe including Kurusu, the fate of Ikoma remains a bleak one as he might be already dead after rescuing Mume- I mean Hozumi!

Scratch what I’ve said earlier, seems that Ikoma miraculously regained his consciousness. Of course, there’s more to that…

…as the effects of the black blood is dissipating. Whether Biba Amatori inject Ikoma with white plasma or not remains to be seen.

I blame the writer of this series for not explaining everything!

But hey, the good news is that Ikoma is alive instead of being a Kabane. Now then, I guess it’s time for him to dream big by making a rice field so that everyone has plenty to eat!

Of course, he needs to get his memento back from Hozumi. After all, she kept it until the end!

Speaking of Hozumi, her smile is so radiant that it’s the only good thing that happened on this final episode!

Well everyone, I’m done watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress! See ya!

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