Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #01

AAANNNDDD, it’s time for a brand-new chapter into the Love Live! franchise with new girls straight outta Numazu, Shizuoka!

Sadly, both Chika Takami and You Watanabe’s school idol career haven’t really taken off yet! This is gonna take a while…

Then again, it seems that the student council president Dia Kurosawa won’t allow them to do idol activities… EVER!

In any case, this is the first episode of this brand-new series from the franchise and while there are previous materials that are previously released such as drama CDs and the manga, please take note that the story in the anime will be a bit different from previous sources.

Heck, I don’t know if Chika-chan will try to save Uranohoshi Academy from closure due to lack of new students for next year or something else like a hotel owner buying Uranohoshi Academy and demolish it so that they could build another hotel. But hey, I’ll give Sunrise a thumbs up if they’ll do the latter!

Now let’s go back to the episode as Chika-chan saw a girl wearing Otonokizaka Academy uniform.

This girl is named Riko Sakurauchi and while she’s from Tokyo and enrolled to Otonokizaka, she wasn’t interested in idols even though µ’s saved her school from closure! I guess Riko is more into classical music.

Speaking of µ’s, Chika Takami got her chance to see their performance when she and You went to Tokyo.

Seeing those school idols from Otonokizaka made Chika realize that she wanted to shine too just like them!

While I’m getting the feels upon hearing “START:DASH!!” again, Chika Takami mentioning their performance at the Akiba Dome might be a possibility that Love Live! Sunshine!! takes place 3 years after µ’s won the 2nd Love Live! School Idol Competition as well as the movie epilogue.

Of course, I can’t prove that yet but it’s still a possibility since we might see Yukiho Kousaka and Alisa Ayase again… or maybe not!

Anyways, things are gonna get interesting on the next episode as You Watanabe and Chika Takami will meet a transfer student…

Why it’s none other than Riko Sakurauchi as Chika calls it a miracle! Then again, she’ll have a hard time convincing Riko to join the school idol club!

One more thing, while the Blu-ray release of μ’s Final Love Live ~μ’sic forever~ is already set to September 28, Aqours’ first concert has finally announced but there’s no set date yet.

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