Rewrite Episode #01

Hello everyone as it’s time for 8-bit to tackle one of Key’s popular visual novels in recent history.

To start things off, here’s the protagonist Koutarou Tennouji as he walks around a desolated place…

And then he met this mysterious girl who has control her ribbons. I wonder what’s in store for this girl?

Uh what, did she just killed Koutarou right away and in the first episode no less? Damn, say it ain’t so!

And there you have it, the conclusion of this anime adaptation by 8-bit! See ya everyone, I think we should move to greater things…

Just kidding, it’s all just a dream and Koutarou-kun is a bit paranoid about it. Well, time for him to sleep because he’s very tired!

C’mon, Koutarou needs some rest or he’ll get more stress when he wakes up! Also, it’s not like he’ll be haunted by a ghost or anything!

Never mind, seems that Koutarou encountered a ghost and he got fainted upon seeing his arm getting the “nom nom” part!

You know what, it’s all just a dream and Koutarou Tennouji won’t remember anything at all once he fell asleep! But anyways, let’s introduce some supporting characters…

First up is the ruffian male character named Haruhiko Yoshino who always wanted to challenge Koutarou to a street brawl.

Um Haruhiko-kun, Koutarou is a gentlemen and there’s no way he could square-off against you!

Also, Lucia Konohana doesn’t like violence as exerts her authority as the class representative.

And look, her fiery determination proves that Lucia is in charge and you shouldn’t mess with her! Now then, where’s my fire extinguisher?

But you know what, I think Haruhiko should become friendly or else some people might find his relationship with Koutarou… kinda BL-ish! I mean, many fujoshi would make yaoi fanfic between these two guys!

By the way, this girl who is interrupting Haruhiko is Kotori Kanbe. Look at her, she’s making fun of him and his “challenges” towards Koutarou!

Next up is the transfer student Chihaya Ohtori where she got a little bit of an accident. I mean, her cherry-printed panties are showing by the way!

In any case, Chi-chan fell off when she’s carrying her stuff and got stuck in a tree.

Good thing Koutarou rescued Chihaya but it seems that he saw her panties. Ouch!

Therefore, Chihaya hates Koutarou for looking at her undies on the first day. Also, have you noticed that Chi-chan lift her desk with only one hand? Yeah, this is surprising!

Now then, I wonder if Chihaya Ohtori is a cyborg or something?

Lastly, here’s this cute disciplinary officer named Shizuru Nakatsu. Aside from her cute eyepatch, Shizuru blowing her whistle is the cutest thing ever! HHNNNGGG…

Now that most of the characters are introduced, time for the main event because the first episode is gonna be a long one!

Anyways, Koutarou Tennouji went to their school as there’s a rumor that a witch is residing at the campus.

Also, he likes to drink Key Coffee sometimes. By the way, Key Coffee actually exists but it doesn’t have the familiar Key company logo. Maybe these two companies should collaborate someday!

But let’s go back to what’s happening right now as this girl with deadly ribbons has arrived! Oh, and it’s not a dream anymore!

Well, might as well run away or something bad will happen. C’mon, Koutarou is doing it right now!

Oh, and he throw his Key Coffee away in which the girl managed to caught it. Let’s hope she enjoy drinking canned coffee!

Now let’s go back to Koutarou as he stumbled upon a door. I wonder what leads through that door?

Then again, seems that Koutarou fell into a trap after entering it. What misfortune!

However, there’s more misfortune for Tennouji coming up as this fairy-like creature is gonna attack him!

Never mind, seems that Koutarou swat that creature out with his fist. Good job there, kid!

Then again, this fairy-like creature named Gil wasn’t a bad monster as he wants to suck his blood. Wait, I think Gil is actually a bad creature after all!

On the other hand, one of Gil’s companion named Pani says that Gil can’t do any harmful things at Koutarou. Okay, I’ll take that!

Of course, I’m not gonna take this one as encountering this monster is bad news! Time for Koutarou and his two fairies to run away then…

Wait, isn’t that the girl with those deadly ribbons? What the heck she’s doing here anyway?

I guess this girl doesn’t know what’s happening on this scene!

Well, time for Koutarou to grab her and escape! Better than confronting the monster head-on!

On the other hand, at least she can enjoy a sip of Key Coffee at a time like this!

Never mind, looks like she won’t enjoy drinking Key Coffee because a rock has knocked it over!

Oh look, it seems that the girl got angry now that she lost her can of Key Coffee! Nice job there you bastard!

And now, it’s time for the girl to use her ribbons to whip that monster hard until it can no longer stand on its own!

Yeah, take that you bastard for taking her Key Coffee away! Now then, where’s Koutarou Tennouji?

Oh, seems that he’s in a pinch there. Heck, even Pani and Gil can’t rescue him because they’re small!

Damn, I knew that they’re bad fairies!

And so, Koutarou Tennouji meets his end as he drops towards the abyss…

…and returned to the school building. Oh wait, I guess he’s not dead huh!

Well then, time for Koutarou to get back into business on finding the witch.

But first, he has to carry a Colonel Sanders-like statue inside the room where the occult research club lies.

Hmm, I wonder if Rias Gremory is inside this clubroom? Nah, I don’t think the crimson-haired princess from Highschool DxD would come here and pay a visit!

But now, let’s end this episode with Koutarou Tennouji meeting the witch face-to-face.

Look at her, she’s interested in Koutarou-kun right away!

Well, that was a good first episode by 8-bit and I hope they would do well as Rewrite is one of the popular visual novels in recent history. They can’t let Key down with this anime adaptation!

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