NEW GAME! Episode #01

Hello everyone, and this is another Manga Time Kirara title where this middle school girl named Aoba Suzukaze is now an employee at a video game company called Eagle Jump.

Well, scratch the middle school part as Aoba-chan graduated from high school and she’s legal to work already!

Then again, seems that her workplace has some problems. Don’t ask me, ask the author of NEW GAME! as he knows the inner workings of a video game company.

But without further ado, let’s introduce some of the characters shall we?

First up is the laid-back lead character designer Kou Yagami. Yes, her panties are showing but she’s spends most of her time at the office. Heck, Yagami-san even stays there overnight!

Um Aoba-chan, it’s not like she’ll get embarrassed or anything. Also, Kou Yagami isn’t wearing those stripped undies as well!

Next up is Hajime Shinoda, the motion designer who own tokusatsu prop items and use them most of the time.

Oh and surprisingly enough, Hajime often got good ideas upon swinging a lightsaber, which turned into great results in-game!

Moving onto Hifumi Takimoto and while she’s the character designer, Hifumi is very shy and prefer to have a conversation via the messenger program!

Finally, here’s the monster designer Yun Iijima who is not only speaks in a Kansai dialect, but she loves to dress in gothic clothing and often held tea parties!

But yes, this is the staff that Aoba will be working from now on…

And now, it’s time for Aoba to take a picture for her company ID, learn the ropes from the pros, and live a life making games!

Oh and unlike other video game companies, Eagle Jump isn’t strict as you may think. I mean, Kou Yagami is enjoying taking pictures of Aoba Suzukaze while Hajime Shinoda uses her lightsaber to brighten up the background!

Well then, I have to say that Dogakobo did a good job on the first episode. I’m hoping that they can continue their run until the end as NEW GAME! could become a great Manga Time Kirara series!

Now then, I end this week’s episode with Aoba Suzukane getting her own company ID.

But then again, it turns out that having your company ID at all times is important as you might not get back in. Yeah, Aoba-chan learned it the hard way!

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