Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #01

Hey everyone and remember what I said that Production IMS’ new anime title called Masou Gakuen HxH will be censored on its original run? Well it turns out that it won’t be the case unlike Shinmai Maou no Testament!

If you don’t believe me that Masou Gakuen HxH (or Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia) is uncensored, then you should read the rest of my post.

Anyways, the story begins with Kizuna Hida who was invited by his sister Reiri to enroll at Ataraxia Academy.

The reason why Kizuna was invited to Ataraxia Academy is because of his Heart Hybrid Gear or HHG, but unfortunately Kizuna’s mother called him useless because he can’t use it properly or has low compatibility.

Along the way, Kizuna met this girl who faintly remembers her. This girl is named Aine Chidorigafuchi and meeting Kizuna Hida is kinda awkward as if she’s giving him the cold shoulder for some reason.

Also, their meeting got interrupted when an enemy from another universe has arrived to terrorize Ataraxia Academy.

So yeah, it’s sucks that Kizuna didn’t have a proper conversation with Aine Chidorigafuchi!

But hey, what we got is a lewd transformation sequence as Aine dons her Zeros gear! Glad that Production IMS didn’t censor it!

Anyways, time for Aine to beat the enemy in a flashy manner. Nothing like having her getting in action in style!

And look, the enemy from another universe has gone kaboom! Then again, there’s more to come for the invaders as they respawn and continue their attack.

Sadly for Aine, her energy has ran out and she’s plummeting towards the ground. It’s sucks!

But don’t worry though as Kizuna Hida activate his Heart Hybrid Gear.

Sure that his gear is somewhat lightly-armored, but did you know that Kizuna’s gear is called Eros. Yeah, it’s foreshadowing!

In any case, he grabbed Aine just in time but it seems that she’s heavy and Kizuna couldn’t take any longer…

Therefore, they crashed into the forest and I hope they’re alright. I mean, a fall won’t kill both Kizuna and Aine!

On the other hand, Kizuna Hida woke up to see a full view of Aine Chidorigafuchi!

And yes, Aine’s nipples are somewhat visible even though her suit is in tatters!

Do me a favor and click that picture to see Aine’s sexy body. You’ll gonna love this!

So what will Kizuna do? Aine already woke up and she’s in a tight situation right now together with Kizuna!

That’s when Kizuna’s sister Reiri ordered him to grope Aine’s breasts. I’m not kidding about this one!

Hell, even Reiri Hida is very serious on telling her brother to grope Aine’s tits, while having her right hand grasping imaginary breasts!

If Basara Toujou can grope boobies, Kizuna Hida can do it too!

And look, he’s doing it in which Aine Chidorigafuchi moaned in pleasure! What a lucky bastard Kizuna Hida is!

Anyways, it turns out that Kizuna is the key to defeat the forces from another universe as he can replenish HHG users via groping and other erotic activities.

See, Aine Chidorigafuchi can user her Zeros gear again now that her energy has been replenished.

So in short, Kizuna Hida wasn’t useful in combat. It’s just that he’s good at supporting other Heart Hybrid Gear users.

Well then, it’s time for Aine Chidorigafuchi to finish the enemy off! Thanks to Kizuna, she can fight again!

And look, the enemy has gone kaboom again! Well, I have to say that this series turns me on and you know that the horny boys are gonna like this!

Of course, this is premier for Masou Gakuen HxH as Kizuna Hida’s supporting role for eradicating the invaders is just getting started.

Heck, Reiri Hida will order Kizuna on doing erotic things to other Heart Hybrid Gear users who are mostly female by the way! Anyways, glad that Masou Gakuen HxH is aired uncensored!

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