Macross Delta Episode #14

Hey everyone, Macross Delta has reached the second half and this mysterious woman looked similar to Mikumo Guynemer.

Then again, we’ll never know her real identity as it was all just Mikumo’s dream. Damn, we got a cold trail on her!

By the way, I’m curious if Lady M and Mikumo Guynemer are actually the same person?

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Windermere are in mourning as King Gramia Nerich Windermere VI died last episode. While Lord Roid Brehm will carry Gramia’s will much to Lord Keith’s disappointment, I’m worried that the war will get worse from there.

On the other hand, it turns out that Keith Aero Windermere suffered nasty injuries. Yeah, it’s worse than you imagined!

Now back to space as the Ragnan population are worried that their loved ones are stuck at their home planet. While Chuck Mustang managed to see some of his siblings safe and sound, it seems that Marianne won’t be coming back as she was killed!

Also, the Island Cluster ship is having power outages and the worst-case scenario will be air supply loss, which would make the Ragnan population stricken with paranoia and despair.

But you know what, let’s move onto nicer things as Hayate Immelman talks about how he doesn’t have a place that Hayate can call home because his parent move places, as well as wanting to fly with the wind and stuff.

Also, Hayate stole Freyja Wion’s sea apples and eat it. What an asshole Hayate is!

Anyways, it seems that the Island Cluster ship has a major problem at hand as this explosion not only loses power output, but also made a gaping hole which would suck out the air.

But don’t worry though as Walkure are here to calm the civilians down. That’s what they do on this situation.

Yeah, so is Freyja Wion as she sings while the Macross Elysion crew are trying to fix the hole and bring power back to the ship.

On the other hand, where’s Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius?

Oh, seems that both of them are connecting those cords back. Then again, the fact that Mirage and Hayate taking off their clothes was unnecessary!

I mean, look at Mirage pressing her breasts onto Hayate’s back!

In any case, looks like the power cord has finally connected. But then again, it’s not enough to power up the Island Cluster ship…

So, Captain Ernest Johnson decided to combine the ship with Macross Elysion! It might be a risky task, but it’ll work somehow.

Look, Capt. Johnson managed to dock Macross Elysion with the Island Cluster ship, providing more power as well as covering up holes.

With that said, another crisis was averted thanks to Walkure and the whole Macross Elysion crew. Oh, and there’s good news after this as Macross Elysion got new sponsors so it seems that they’ll last longer!

Then again, looks like both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius got stuck at the pipe, which Freyja Wion can’t believe that they’re together while she’s singing. Well, Hayate/Mirage shippers are winning this one!

Anyways, it’s onto the next episode and while Windermere are shaking things up, some of the higher-ups at the New United Nations are suggesting that they should wipe out the Windermereans or something nasty.

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