Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #01

Hey everyone, remember Actas and their recent anime series called Girls und Panzer? Well, the anime studio is back where they take on the mecha genre with Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars!

Now then, I hope that the staff can do well on this series. I mean, Tsutomu Mizushima won’t be directing Regalia after Mayoiga.

Anyways, let’s start with introduction of these two characters: Rena and Yui. While you think that Rena is the little sister while Yui is the elder one, it’s the other way around.

With that said, both of them are enjoying their life at Enastoria but it seems that their time living peacefully will be shattered…

…when this Regalia Gear attacked the empire without warning. Yeah, it’s sucks that their sweet time between sisters will be cut short because of this!

This guy is the instigator and he challenged Rena to a duel. Also, he’s not human by the way.

Therefore, Rena accepts his challenge but it turns out that she’s hiding a secret towards Yui and it’s a possibility that they’re not sisters.

In any case, Rena has a Regalia Gear of her own called Magna Alecto where she previously used it 12 years ago back in Rimgarde.

Yeah, Yui won’t believe this one bit!

Never mind, she kinda saw it by accident. Looks like Yui won’t return to her normal life now!

On the other hand, this girl named Kei has a history with Rena. I’m not sure if Kei fought her 12 years ago, but it seems that she has a grudge on Rena.

But let’s go back into the action as Rena is somewhat rusty after not using her Regalia Gear in a long time.

And therefore, she got easily beaten by that thug. I don’t like what’s happening just one bit!

On the other hand, seems that we’ll have a second wind here as Yui went to Rena and try to protect her from the enemy.

Yeah, it’s heart-warming to see these two act like sisters on this dire situation!

Thus, Rena got her strength back to summon Magna Alecto again. Well actually, Rena is Magna Alecto and Yui becomes the pilot of that Regalia Gear.

I guess that they’re not related by blood or anything, but who cares at this point as they treated each other as sisters!

But let’s get onto the comeback as Rena and Yui attacked the thug without mercy.

Unlike before, the Magna Alecto got a power boost now that Yui is piloting it. Well, please consider that Rena can transform into a Regalia Gear at this point!

And now it’s time for the finale as both girls will end this thug’s reign of terror.

C’mon, a finishing move is needed on this mecha anime!

See, this is how you finish your enemy with Magna Alecto’s Crimson Raid!

Well, that punk never got a chance in the end anyway. In any case, Enastoria is safe and sound!

And they’re back to their normal lives again after defeating their enemy together. Well, time to go back to their peaceful life between Yui and Rena!

Heck, Rena gave Yui a necklace with a ring on it Isn’t it sweet?

One last thing, about Yui and Rena returning to their peaceful lives? Forget about that as it turns out that Yui… is actually the Empress of Enastoria. Yeah, I’m surprised about that!

Anyways, I hope Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars would turn out to be a good mecha anime series because it has the potential to become one. Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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