Kuromukuro Episode #13

Hey everyone, I’ve returned for another episode of Kuromukuro where right off the bat, the GAUS geoframes got the upper-hand against Efidolg. So much for its four legs!

Yeah, this Efidolg soldier will have to hide from those Terrans until her geoframe is healed… with nanomachines.

Meanwhile, the United Nations found a relic which would have an answer to their first encounter with alien life.

Meanwhile, the local high school will have their annual festival just like any other anime series.

On the other hand, Mika Ogino is wearing what it seems to be a school uniform from Nagi no Asukara.

In any case, both Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma are enjoying themselves after surviving Tom Borden’s training camp from hell!

Isn’t it cute that both of them are eating cotton candy together?

Moving onto the debate section regarding Efidolg and while José Carlos Takasuka is nervous on carrying his MC duties, Mika Ogino will do the talking instead!

But then, the debate was interrupted when this familiar person entered the stage. Yeah, this officer is in a mean streak right now!

Also, Sophie Noël can’t aim at the assailant properly because of the glare that pose on the spot lights.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Sophie might shoot civilians if she screw up!

Anyways, now back to this mysterious Efidolg frontier officer where it was revealed to be none other than Princess Yukihime.

Yeah, I knew that she’s the long-lost princess of the Washiba Clan!

Even Kennosuke couldn’t believe it that she’s alive as the enemy. This is a shocker for him!

And look, Kennosuke got stabbed by Yukihime. Oh the horror!

Then again, I wonder if she really is the princess of the Washiba Clan as while the officer has the looks of Yukihime, I think she might be a different person altogether.

In any case, such a shocking ending to Episode 13 as Kuromukuro moves onto the 2nd half!

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