Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #02

Here’s Riko Sakurauchi and while she won’t join Chika Takami’s School Idol Club anytime soon, here’s something that you’ll be reminded of those fond memories of watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

Turns out, Riko-chan is a talented pianist where she has a stage fright much like Kousei Arima. Will Chika-chan be her inspiration? We’ll find out later…

Meanwhile, here’s something that’ll surprise you as student council president Dia Kurosawa knows more about µ’s than Chika Takami. Wait, so that means she’s the equivalent of Nico Yazawa!?

Anyways, no matter what Chika do, she’ll get shot down by Dia-sama!

On the other hand, You Watanabe has a knack of making costumes apart from swimming as part of the swim club.

Yeah, it looks nice but Dia-sama won’t allow it! Boo…

Moving onto the next scene where Riko decided to help Chika and You on making a song for them, but not join their school idol club. Boo…

By the way, this is Chika’s big sister Shima where she’s taking care of the family inn. Yes, Shima-nee is the mother figure to Chika Takami!

Also, this is Mito Takami, Chika’s other big sister where she’s bit annoying unlike Shima Takami.

Oh yeah, and don’t try to start a plushie fight when Riko-chan is in the middle!

Oh, too late about that! I have a bad feeling about this…

Oh shit, we just witnessed Riko’s sadistic side and both girls froze in fear! See Chika, you shouldn’t throw a lobster plushie onto Riko-chan!

Anyways, time for them to make some idol music. Then again, Riko Sakurauchi is more keen into classical music so it’s time for her to learn some µ’s songs with Chika-chan.

Sooner or later, Riko is singing “Yume no Tobira” after watching µ’s perform at the UTX building rooftop.

Well Sakurauchi, I would like to say that you’re in idol hell now! Also, nice hearing Rikako Aida’s voice on this cover!

Oh wait, looks like Chika Takami saw her transfer student sing “Yume no Tobira”. Also, they’re neighbors which is surprising!

So, Chika wasted no time and ask Riko to join the school idol club, because she might find her motivation to play to piano again. Well I have to you Chika-chan, but Riko won’t become an idol!

Never mind, seems that Riko Sakurauchi will become an idol then now that she’s inspired by µ’s. Also, kudos to Chika Takami for not falling down after reaching Riko’s lovely hands! Isn’t it sweet?

Well then, looks like the school idol club has not only have a costume designer but a composer too. Of course, that wouldn’t be enough to form a club unless Chika recruits 2 or 3 more members!

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