And now, here’s something that Kadokawa, Shogakukan and Shueisha came up with: A grand multi-media project where people use their superpowers…

…to fight off against enemies who decimated Earth. From the authors that made Date A Live, Henneko, and OreGairu comes QUALIDEA CODE!

Anyways, let’s start off with the main protagonists straight out from Tokyo: the self-centered hero Ichiya Suzaku and the klutzy singer Canaria Utara. These two are the head and sub-head of Tokyo City, respectively.

Now for the story itself as Ichiya and Canaria are one of those people who’ve woken up from their cold sleep and manifest World powers to fight the Unknown, which the enemy have already destroyed most of Japan and possibly the entire world.

Of course, Tokyo aren’t the only one who are fighting off against the Unknown so the city is accompanied by Kanagawa and Chiba. Then again, Ichiya disdains both cities!

Anyways, representing the head of Kanagawa City is Maihime Tenkawa. Accompanied by her sub-head Hotaru Rindou, Maihime has superhuman strength to wield her giant sword and decimate Unknowns with a single big swing.

While Maihime’s strategy is straight-forward, Ichiya thinks that it’s an idiotic move!

Lastly, here’s the brother-sister team that represents Chiba City: Asuha and Kasumi Chigusa.

Asuha is the trigger-happy head of Chiba were she prefers to beat those Unknowns up-close, while the sub-head Kasumi prefer to snipe the enemy while making sarcastic remarks. Ichiya thinks that the Chigusa siblings are scumbags, but let’s just say that he’s the real scumbag!

Well then, I hope these six people will work together instead of bickering at each outer because let’s face it, they’ll get overwhelmed in future episodes if they act like assholes!

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3 Responses to QUALIDEA CODE Episode #01

  1. Karandi says:

    The authors of Date A Live? That explains a lot.

    • benigmatica says:

      Also includes Sou Sagara and Wataru Watari who wrote Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, respectively.

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