Rewrite Episode #02

Let’s continue what we left off from Episode 1 as this week’s episode introduces the Occult Research Club president named Akane Senri. While she’s playing first person shooter during her spare time, did you know that she’s a long time friend to Chihaya Ohtori. Yeah, it’s surprising right?

In any case, Akane heard about Koutarou’s problems of being haunted by a girl with ribbons every night…

So, Akane-san gave Koutarou a shikigami named Tomoko who’ll protect him from being bitten by that female ghost.

Come to think of it, Tomoko is such a cutie!

But then again, she didn’t last long as Tomoko “died” after being eaten by this ribbon-laden ghost. We’ll remember your sacrifice, Tomoko-chan!

Anyways, Koutarou Tennouji got a good night sleep and he’s giving Haruhiko Yoshino a limited-edition strawberry parfait as a peace offering.

Just kidding, Koutarou put that parfait with hot sauce as he want to troll Haruhiko! But then again, he should have considered that there’s another person enjoying parfait…

I’m talking about Lucia Konohana as she’s enjoying her limited-edition strawberry parfait.

What she didn’t know is that Koutarou accidentally switch the parfait so there’s a possibility that Lucia might get a taste of that hot sauce!

Then again, she has no problem eating her parfait with a spicy kick!

However, her strawberry parfait got stolen by Koutarou which is not good. Sure that he got a taste of that hot sauce, but Koutarou Tennouji will face the wrath that is Lucia Konohana!

And yes, she’s gonna give him a punch that’s so hard, Lucia sent Koutarou flying towards the ceiling.

Well Koutarou, you reap what you sow now that you tasted Lucia’s fist!

Moving onto the next scene where Koutarou Tennouji caught up with Shizuru Nakatsu.

While he wanted to do lewd things to Shizuru like groping her flat chest, Koutarou won’t do that as it turns out that Shizuru and Lucia are friends. The class representative doesn’t like Shizuru getting molested by Koutarou!

On the other hand, seems that Lucia doesn’t mind having Shizuru being stalked by someone like this woman for example. I mean, she wants to hug Shizuru badly!

Then again, Shizuru is good at dodging so she’ll be fine! Great job for that girl!

Of course, Lucia will blame Koutarou for sending Shizuru into trouble.

One last thing before I go, it seems that Koutarou invited Kotori Kanbe on proving that the girl with ribbons actually exist. Also, he recruited both Shizuru Nakatsu and Lucia Konohana as well!

In any case, good luck for him on finding that female ghost!

And speaking of that ghost, she’s watching over him and her ribbons are ready! Are you scared yet?

Anyways, I’ll see you next week then…

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