Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #13

Hey guys, it’s Souichirou Sena as he became a CEO of his own cleaning company in Nagoya. Yeah, Sena-kun is living the cleaning dream!

Then again, his company SENARS is just getting started and while his employees will have obsessive-compulsory disorders down the line, Souichirou’s foul-mouthed director Abigail will mess it up once in a while.

It’s sucks that he’ll won’t return to Unit 8 for now, but the good news is that Active Raid is back!

Let’s start with the famous unit where the save Japan from Mythos’ wrath. While he’s currently incarcerated and they won’t tell anyone about his whereabouts, it’s sucks that Unit 8 lost two personnel such as Souichirou Sena…

…and of course Asami Kazari, where she was transferred to Unit 9 at Kansai Region. Yeah, the people at Unit 8 are enjoying Asami’s commercial!

It’s sad to see these two go, but hey at least Rin Yamabuki’s group will have new recruits to fill up the gaps!

First up is Emilia Edelman from Poland where she’ll learn the inner workings of Unit 8 and apply it when she returns home.

I wonder if Emilia will have her own Willwear…

Next up is Marimo Kaburagi and while she looks cute while wearing glasses, it’s necessary as Marimo doesn’t like being seen by everybody.

In fact, Marimo’s custom-made glasses censors eyes so that she can work properly. It’s better than censoring the genitals if you get the joke!

Now then, let’s move onto the action as Japan is having more problems will Willwear-based terrorist activites lately. Well, it’s because Tokyo is having a summit where the new governor Koutarou Inagi is showcasing an orbital elevator in the future.

Anyways, this is Yuria Haraguchi where she was asked by someone to travel towards Tokyo Station while evading the police using a Willwear of course!

Well then, looks like it’s easy peasy for Unit 8 as Haruka Hoshimiya wears her Oscar III Willwear to stop that troublemaker… except that it turns out that Yuria’s Willwear has an explosive device onto the battery pack.

In short, Yuria Haraguchi is a suicide bomber with any knowledge of it. Looks like Unit 8 needs someone with a precise aim to disable the enemy Willwear.

Well, there’s one guy who can handle the job in the form of Souichirou Sena. Then again, he’s okay taking out trash instead of terrorists.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that civilian companies can cooperate with the law enforcement. Basically, Unit 8 has the right to recruit Sena-kun back!

So yeah, Souichirou has returned to Unit 8. However, he’s a bit rusty after being out for a long time!

You know what, Takeru Kuroki has his back…

…especially when this enemy Willwear showed up, which in fact gave Yuria the bomb-laden Willwear in the first place.

Of course, I wonder if this mysterious black-clad terrorist has links with the now-defunct LOGOS? Sure that Mythos is in prison, but Bird might be carrying out terrorist plots while he’s on vacation!

For now, Souichirou Sena got his grips and managed to shut Yuria’s Willwear down without triggering an explosion near Tokyo Station.

Sorry Yuria Haraguchi, but your escape game is over. You maybe alive but you’ll be living behind bars!

And that’s the end of Episode 13 as like I said, Active Raid has returned. We don’t know what challenges they might face in future episode, but Chief Yamabuki and her motley crew won’t back down without a fight!

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