Kuromukuro Episode #14

Well, this is a continuation from Episode 13 as the masked demon has appeared. Yes, the one who nabbed Princess Yukihime in the first place and possibly saved Yukina Shirahane!

Um Jundai Kayahara, are you gonna record this to boost more views? Now then, I’m hoping that the demon is actually Takehito Shirahane since he has that watch.

Meanwhile, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is in the emergency room and he’s in a life-or-death situation right now!

Then again, seems that Kennosuke’s wounds were quickly healed surprisingly enough.

Hmm, this begs the question on whether Kennosuke came from Efidolg with amnesia, or a Terran whose body was modified by those aliens. Damn, the mystery thickens!

Anyways, Princess Yukihime called her personal geoframe Manata to continue her hunt against Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma as the samurai is in Kurobe Laboratory.

Like I said from Episode 13, Princess Yukihime or Muetta might have the looks but there’s no confirmation on whether she’s the real princess that Kennosuke swore to protect, or a clone that was created using Yukihime’s DNA.

As you may recall, Kennosuke saw the princess being kidnapped by the masked demon, yet he saw Yukihime in front of him and piloted the Kuromukuro together. If the latter is proven true, I think Kennosuke’s heart will be crushed!

Speaking of Kennosuke, he got up after his wounds are healed. Then again, he’s not in the right condition to fight which Yukina-chan is worried very much about him!

Yet despite the doctors’ advice, Kennosuke continues to fight because Princess Yukihime is waiting. Oh, and the commander don’t want the UN Kurobe Laboratory to become a pile of rubble.

In any case, it’s time for the samurai and his aide to fight against Princess Yukihime. Who needs to call her as Muetta since it’s a lame name given by Efidolg!

Now, this fight would be a tough one as Yukihime’s geoframe has 4 blades in its head. And by the way, her comrade Mirasa is still in the vicinity who is also known for her four-legged geoframe.

But then again, the GAUS team have arrived to cripple Mirasa’s geoframe just like the last time.

Well, I could say that Mirasa is pissed that she got stomped by the likes of Tom Borden and Sophie Noël!

But thanks to the GAUS team for intervening on this 2-on-1 duel against Kennosuke, Mirasa call it quits for now as she retreated together with Princess Yukihime.

Yes it’s shameful to back down and lick their wounds, but they’ll be back for another shot!

As for Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, he reached his limit! The samurai should have taken a short rest and damn he pushed himself too far!

Let’s hope that Kennosuke is okay on the next episode…

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