Macross Delta Episode #15

Well everyone, the Aerial Knights have returned to their homeland and while they’re excited about Lord Heinz’s coronation, they’re reflecting on what they achieved in short span by establishing the Starwind Sector in Brisingr Globular Cluster.

Then again, the likes of Hermann Cross and Cassim Eberhart are ashamed that they used unknightly tactics such as the Var Syndrome. But hey, at least the kingdom got what they wanted right? Wrong!

It turns out that creating a sector within the globular cluster was just the beginning as Lord Roid Brehm decided to completely destroy the whole New United Nations by expanding Windermere’s influence beyond the galaxy.

Also, they have some proof of justifying their all-out war against the NUN Spacy…

In fact, Lord Roid released some damning evidence that the New United Nations used dimensional bombs against the kingdom.

Yeah, Arad Mölders and Ernest Johnson are shocked to see this! Maybe they know about what happened in Windermere 7 years ago, but they’re scared to tell it to the Delta Squadron.

With that said, it’s time for Lord Heinz Nerich Windermere to become the king of the wind.

Yeah, it’t aired across the cluster and the Macross Elysion crew can’t do about that broadcast including that nasty footage of the NUNS using weapons of mass destruction!

On the other hand, the White Knight has returned as Lord Keith Aero Windermere might be sporting an eye-patch, but he’s still badass!

In fact, he decimated most of the NUNS scouting fleet that Char Aznable would make a run of his money.

Well, there are no survivors thanks to the White Knight and his devastating display of variable fighter combat!

Actually, there’s one survivor as Hayate Immelman rescued Robert Kino. Unfortunately, he knows about Hayate’s father Wright.

Now then, is Wright Immelman carried that dimensional bomb towards Windermere? Who knows…

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