NEW GAME! Episode #02

This is Aoba Suzukaze when she was a young girl. When she played Eagle Jump’s Fairies’ Story, Aoba-chan was inspired to become part of the team!

Now, Aoba is living the dream as she’s part of the character designing team in Eagle Jump.

By the way, this is Kou Yagami’s close friend and Eagle Jump’s art director and background department head named Rin Touyama.

Compared to Yagami-san, Touyama is nice and diligent!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that there’s a cat inside the office named Mozuku.

It’s said that Mozuku was owned by the director of Fairies’ Story 3…

…which turned out to be this woman named Shizuku Hazuki. By the way, there are no guys at Eagle Jump as Shizuku only recruits cute girls.

Basically, she’s making her own harem inside the office!

Oh yes, here’s Hifumi Takimoto and while she can only talk to people via chat because of her shyness, Hifumi has a companion named Soujirou when she’s a bit down after work!

And by the way, this is Soujirou… the Shy Hedgehog. And you though it was her boyfriend, but it was actually a hedgehog!

Well, gotta say that Aoba called it cute after seeing it. But you know what, I wish Hifumi could smile for once!

One last thing, looks like Aoba-chan has learned the ropes of using Autodesk Maya and now it’s time to make some characters!

Of course, she needs something to eat even though Aoba is focused on making one non-playable character. After all, you can’t finish your work with an empty stomach!

So, Aoba was invited by Kou Yagami for a party where they’ll serve booze and other liquor, something that Aoba Suzukaze won’t be drinking it because she’s a minor!

Also, she might become like this as Rin Touyama got easily drunk! It’s surprising to see another side of Touyama-san after drinking one or two glasses of sake!

Lastly, here’s Aoba Suzukaze’s friend Nene Sakura where she’s a college student. Then again, she’s treated like a middle-school student because of her short height!

Anyways, things are looking well in Eagle Jump at the moment. Well then, I’ll see you next week!

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