Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #02

Here’s some backstory to this raunchy anime series as Earth got invaded twice, with the second World Collision obliterated 90-99% of the population as the enemy from another dimension used Entrances to appear out of nowhere.

As the remaining population escaped via megafloats, the worst-case scenario will be a third World Collision which will completely destroy Earth!

So, Reiri Hida chose her younger brother Kizuna as humanity’s last hope and the captain of the Amaterasu team because he can replenish Heart Hybrid Gear users with nothing by erotic deeds… and she declared it to the whole campus!

By the was, Reiri is both the commander and the principal of Ataraxia Academy. Yeah, Kizuna is getting embarrassed by his sister’s declaration.

Of course, there’s one person who won’t allow such dirty thing like disciplinary officer Hayuru Himekawa, who is Japan’s number one ace.

Um Hayuru, he’s needed to restore your Hybrid Count! Also, blame his mother Nayuta Hida for having that high consumption of your Heart Hybrid Gear!

Meanwhile, here’s more characters as let’s introduce first to Sylvia Silkcut. She’s an assistant to one of the directors at the Nayuta Laboratory…

That director is none other than Kei Shikina who is also the chief engineer. However, she’s too shy or busy to speak directly so Kei resorts to talking via a synthesized voice!

Lastly, here’s the ace from United States named Yurishia Farandole as she and the rest of the Amaterasu team investigates an island.

At first, she’s interested in Kizuna Hida but she grew tired of him easily because Kizuna doesn’t have any kills. C’mon, his role is only for support not for combat!

Anyways, their investigation was interrupted when an Entrance appeared and out comes the invaders!

Yeah, this ain’t good because one of the Gear users has low Hybrid Count.

On the other hand, seems that there’s a third-party involved and it’s not pretty to be honest.

It turns out, that rogue Heart Hybrid Gear user put up a barrier and trapping the Amaterasu team. I wonder if that third-party rascal is in cahoots with the enemy from another dimension?

Now then, time for another lewd transformation sequence as Yurishia dons her Cross gear. Like I said, glad that Production IMS didn’t censor it!

Now that Yurishia has transformed, she easily took out the invaders with a single shot. As expected from America’s ace!

Then again, there’s still more as the Entrance is still open which reveal a powerful foe called Dragorie. Yeah, it’s gone worse!

Nah, it’s beyond worse as Yurishia Farandole’s Hybrid Count is less than 5%, losing her Gear in the process.

Oh yeah and she can’t move because of her dangerously-low Hybrid Count so Yurishia is gonna get killed soon!

Not to worry though as Kizuna Hida blocked the enemy’s attacks so that Yurishia Farandole can run away.

See, Kizuna is still useful where he can also become a meat shield!

Unfortunately, Yurishia didn’t run away and got blasted together with Kizuna instead. That’s gonna hurt!

Well the good news is that Yurishia Farandole is safe, but Kizuna Hida is gonna bite the dust soon so Kizuna has one more request before he die!

And that’s groping Yurishia’s American-sized tits! By the way, Kizuna Hida will be fine so he’s just making an excuse to touch a woman’s breasts!

However, she doesn’t mind that as Yurishia Farandole felt a tingling sensation of being groped by Kizuna!

Yeah, let your imagination run wild with this one!

Oh look, Yurishia Farandole just came! It goes to show that Kizuna is useful when doing erotic things to power-up Gear users…

…which is why she got her Heart Hybrid Gear back, now fully-charged to destroy the Dragorie with her climatic attack!

Yup, this enemy is gone without a trace! Meanwhile, the rogue Heart Hybrid Gear user retreated after things took a drastic turn in Amaterasu’s favor!

But anyways, the Amaterasu team are safe and they can fight for another day!

Speaking of another day, there’s no need for Aine Chidorigafuchi to wait as her body is ready!

Well, I have to say that she’s sexually-active and doesn’t mind the shame of being fondled by Kizuna Hida!

Then again, she has a rival now that Yurishia Farandole has joined the fray. This is gonna be a rough night, but let’s just say that Hayuru Himekawa won’t like such indecent things inside the dorms!

Speaking of Hayuru, she’ll be the main focus for next week’s episode!

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