BATTERY Episode #01

Hello guys and for those who love baseball stories, there’s one for you titled BATTERY which is a series of novels by Atsuko Asano. While I vaguely remember the TV drama series aired in NHK, this anime adaptation will be the time that I’ll follow the story till the end.

Anyways, BATTERY follows Takumi Harada who is one of the best pitchers around. While he’s a bit arrogant, Takumi’s life will be changed forever…

And that’s partnering up with Gou Nagakura, a catcher who has the passion for the game and believes that he can keep up with Takumi’s pitches.

While it’s sounds absurd coming from a guy who lead the Little League team Nitta Stars to the prefectural tournament, Gou Nagakura has the heart and soul to play at his best!

Of course, Gou making a partnership with Takumi will somewhat be a rocky one. While there would be trials and tribulations for both boys, I think BATTERY would be one of those series that it’s actually good as the interaction between Harada and Nagakura will not only depend each other, but to grow themselves and become companions in the end.

In any case, we’ll see more of them next week as Takumi and Gou will become middle school students. There’s three years for them to become a battery before they step into Koshien.

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