Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #02

Hey guys, it’s the second episode as Subaru Uchimaki is acting a bit strange in front of Mizuki Usami. Let’s find that out!

Oh shit, the club president has been murdered, somebody call the police!

Just kidding, it’s red paint and what’s sitting underneath the president’s belly… was Mizuki’s artwork!

Of course, both the president and Uchimaki doesn’t want Usami to know about her painting being ruined, so Subaru played tricks on Mizuki by telling her that the painting is over the bookshelf!

Unfortunately, Mizuki Usami slipped and she’s gonna fall into the floor real hard!

But luckily for her, Mizuki got saved by Subaru-kun. Could this be that’s he’s dating 3D girls now?

Pfft, just kidding! I mean, he prefer 2D waifu than pig-disgusting 3D girls as Subaru drops Mizuki onto the club president!

Then again, he’s hiding that ruined painting of hers so it won’t be a matter of time before the president spill out the beans.

See, it was all his fault that Mizuki’s painting is beyond recovery. Oh, and did you know that her artwork will be submitted for the competition tomorrow so that the art club will be saved!

Yeah, this is an emergency for this troubled club so there’s only one thing to do…

And that’s using Subaru Uchimaki’s waifu artwork for the competition… which it got second place!

Well, looks like Uchimaki will have to make another waifu now that his previous one got defiled by the public!

One last thing before we go, seems that he got confessed by a girl. Then again, Subaru preferred his 2D waifu and there’s no way he could date Mizuki Usami!

Uchimaki, you’re such a heart-breaker!

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