Kuromukuro Episode #15

This is Sophie Noël and while this French girl knows martial arts and close-quarter combat, her parents are worried about her that they want Sophie to return to France.

In fact, most of the civilians living near the Kurobe Dam are leaving after Muetta or Princess Yukihime attacked during the school festival. But let’s hope that Sophie Noël would defy their parents’ wishes and continue fighting against Efidolg!

Meanwhile, here’s something that you should pay attention as Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma saw Princess Yukihime cooperating with the masked demon.

While it is a surprising revelation, I speculate that they modified Kennosuke’s body to not only heal faster but to use the black Glongur or Kuromukuro in conjunction with Princess Yukihime. Of course, the identity and the agenda of the masked demon is still a mystery!

For now, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is fully-recovered! No open wounds or any kind of bleeding!

Heck, even Dr. Hausen can’t believe that he wounds got healed faster than he could dissect with.

Speaking of dissection, Dr. Hausen wanted to do it with Fusnarnie but he got rejected by Heath Kingsley and Carrie Dunham! Aww, that’s sucks…

Meanwhile, Mirasa and Muetta wanted to return to Earth and kill Kennosuke to restore their honor.

Well, I have to say that Efidolg adopted the bushido code but it seems that it’s a bit lenient compared to the Japanese during the feudal era.

Lastly, Yukina Shirahane managed to caught with Kennosuke. Heck, she gave him a box of popsicle!

While Kennosuke is in high spirits after eating popsicle with Yukina, he’s worried on meeting Muetta or Princess Yukihime again, as he might forced to kill her or attempt to rescue the princess.

Speaking of Princess Yukihime, she’s coming down to Earth together with Mirasa on the next episode.

On the other hand, I wonder what the masked demon is thinking right now? After all, he’s nothing more than an enigma for now!

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