Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #02

The premiere episode was a roller-coaster ride as Rena revealed that she’s a Regalia mecha while Yui is the empress of Enastoria.

Yes, they look cute together but many of Yui’s enemies wanted Rena badly! Oh and here’s some clarification as Rena is classified as genuine Regalia while most of the enemies they encountered possesses artificial Regalia Gears.

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced named Ingrid. While she might be linked with Kei, Ingrid sets her sights on Rena and her Magna Alecto which Yui won’t let Ingrid have her!

Of course, there are more people like Ingrid who wanted to use Rena for the nefarious deeds, or scrap her and obtain a mysterious power source…

These two people like Johnny and Johann for example wanted to take on Rena and get something out of her body.

Honestly, having a sicko reporter/magician and his crazy assistant is already bad news! I mean, Johnny asked Yui about her three sizes in a press conference!

Anyways, the next episode will have Yui and Rena survive Johnny and Johann’s deadly magic show. Then again, the Magna Alecto is at a disadvantage right now!

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