Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume Episode #02

Time for a brief backstory as it turns out that the city was hit by a biological weapon that killed thousands of civilians. We don’t know who’s behind it, but it was soon retaliated with a nuclear strike which would turn into an all-out war across the globe.

By the way, this is one of the Junker’s dreams and it’s a gloomy sight to behold. Then again, I wonder if the person who fell to the floor is actually the Junker? I guess we’ll never know…

For now, the Junker has decided to fix the projector since the planetarium is the safest place around… except when you’re in need of food and water to survive.

Also, it would be bad for Yumemi Hoshino if the projector was left in non-working condition.

Speaking of Yumemi Hoshino, she’s not capable of shedding tears nor experiencing dreams since she’s a robot. However, she’s curious to see what sadness is like as well as well as praying to God. Maybe Yumemi might experience of being human.

Of course, time is running out for Yumemi Hoshino as she has 60 hours left of her battery supply. It’ll be sad if she can’t experience emotions or dreams before her battery runs out, so I’m hoping that Yumemi can do it!

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