Ange Vierge Episode #02

Amane Ayashiro, you think that she’s just lazying around but Amane-chan is hardworking as she’s doing her best to move up the ladder together with her Progress friends.

Meanwhile, here’s Saya Sougetsu as she was an ordinary girl until she got her own Exceed powers. Yes, Saya thinks that she’s special after gaining light-controlling powers.

But once she arrived at Seiran Island, Say wasn’t ordinary anymore as she’s surrounded by girls with Exceed powers (and stronger too), which frustrates her so much that she wanted to become a better Progress and earn a higher rarity!

As for Amane Ayashiro, looks like she’s training hard to become a better α driver!

Then again, I think Amane needs to be coached by a certain Nanoha Takamachi…

Moving onto serious stuff as Miumi Hinata and her team of SR and/or EXR Progress have arrived to Ryuujin Island to stop another Ouroboros threat.

Speaking of Ouroboros, notice the structure at the background. Isn’t it a bit phallic?

Unfortunately, this attack at the Ryuujin Island was a diversion from Ouroboros.

It turns out, the enemy’s real target is at Seiran Island where the defense is at the lowest point. Yeah, most of the EXR and SR Progress got fooled on this one!

On the other hand, Ouroboros is attacking some of the α driver in Seiran Island.

This includes Amane Ayashiro where she was beaten by the enemy and was frozen together with the rest of the α drivers. To many, it was a biggest setback as Seiran Island lost a hefty amount of α drivers to fight. But for Saya Sougetsu, it was a devastating blow to her as she lost her dear friend!

Wow SILVER LINK, you’re making us depressed on Ange Vierge with this wham episode! I feel that they’ll sink us into despair in future episodes!

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