Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #03


Here’s a character that was briefly featured in Episode 1 and it turns out that she’s the chairwoman of Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy.

This is Mari Ohara and while she’s watching Chika, Riko, and You’s progress on becoming school idols, Mari challenged them to stage a concert in order to approve their club. Oh, and she wanted a full-house too!

On the other hand, Mari Ohara and Dia Kurosawa are friends. Well, it’s more like a one-sided friendship but I don’t mind it anyway as Mari is getting touchy towards Dia…

…especially when she give Dia’s boobs a rubbing. Well, the DiaMari ship is gonna set sail soon!

Now then, their school idol group will be called Aqours after stumbling it at the beach when they’re brainstorming a name for their group, although they don’t know who wrote the name on the sand.

In any case, it’ll be a tough one for Chika-chan and her friends to attract people for their first live concert.

But you know what, these three girls are doing their best like handing out flyers as You-chan demonstrates.

C’mon, Riko Sakurauchi finished their first song while You Watanabe are putting the final touches on their costumes, so they only need to do is to gather a large crowd just to get their school idol club approved!

Anyways, it’s time for the concert and it seems that they performed… with a few individuals. Wait, it’s deja vu!

While Mari Ohara is watching their performance as well as a certain Dia Kurosawa, these two girls shown here are watching it as well. I bet that both of them would join Aqours later on!

Unfortunately, their concert was cut short when the venue got hit by power outage. Damn, this is bad!

Even worse is that Chika tried to do acapella, but it didn’t work. Man, this is depressing to watch!

Luckily, there’s some backup as Mito-nee and a bunch of students managed the gather the crowd!

See, they put up a local gathering even though it’s raining outside!

Oh yeah, and they got lights too as well as the sound system. Not sure if Dia Kurosawa brought the generators in, but it looks like there’s one thing left to do for the trio…

And that’s finishing their performance in style after making a miraculous recovery. Great job Riko, Chika, and You-chan!

Although Dia Kurosawa won’t like one bit of their school idol activity despite having a large crowd, they have one thing on their mind right now… and that’s they’re shining at the moment!

But hey, that’s a good start for this upcoming idol group. Better than having it end in a whimper!

Anyways, I guess it’s time for Aqours to expand its roster next week!

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