Rewrite Episode #03

Here’s Koutarou Tennouji as he’s stocking-up some shikigami so he’ll be protected from the girl with her deadly ribbons.

Better than having none and getting bitten by that girl every night!

Oh yes and here’s a new character introduced on this week’s episode. This is Sakuya Ohtori and judging from his family name, he’s Chihaya’s brother!

Just kidding about the brother part as Sakuya is actually Chihaya’s personal butler.

Also, he hates Koutarou Tennouji so much that Sakuya wants him dead for mistreating Chi-chan, which Koutarou didn’t do anything bad towards her!

Anyways, let’s move onto the Occult Research Club’s first activity as they’re finding a tsuchinoko that was lurking at Kazamatsuri High School.

Then again, looks like Koutarou found Lucia’s booty instead… and he got knocked down because of it!

C’mon Lucia Konohana, it’s just an accident!

Meanwhile, Chihaya Ohtori found what appears to be a tsuchinoko. Wait, it looks like a big fat snake to me!

But it turns out, someone got pulled out when Chihaya tugged a string that was attached to the tsuchinoko.

This lady here named Tsukuno is a UMA hunter/office lady, who made a tsuchinoko to attract the real one.

But you know what, having a tsuchinoko at Kazamatsuri High School is not possible and therefore the mystery surrounding it got busted!

On the other hand, time to get curious on Shizuru Nakatsu’s right eye. I wonder if she has hidden powers behind her eyepatch?

Oh wait, it looks like Shizuru’s right eye is colored yellow. Ladies and gentlemen, Shizuru has heterochromia which is a cute thing to have for characters like her!

Then again, Shizuru is just too shy to see it more by Koutarou Tennouji! Well then, time to move onto something serious…

…as the girl with her prehensile ribbons has appeared in the middle of the night!

Oh, and she’s being chased by a giant wolf at the rooftop. I don’t know if this is a dream, but it’s happening right now!

Meanwhile for Koutarou, he’s decided to chase her and this is the time that you’ll blow your mind as Koutarou Tennouji…

…has powers who can jump farther and run faster. Yeah, what a surprising turn of events there!

It turns out that Koutarou can “rewrite” his body to gain powers like jumping in a single bound.

However, it looks like Koutarou is in danger when he encountered this guy in the red hood. I have a bad feeling about this!

See, this guy is freaking bad news as he’s gonna kill Koutarou Tennouji! Of course, he’s not gonna stain his hands…

So, this hunter let his wolf familiar chomp Koutarou down! Welp, this situation has become worse than I thought!

Better have him run away as fast as he can! Confronting this hooded hunter and his pet wolf head-on is the worst idea ever.

Then again, the wolf got caught up with Koutarou Tennouji and he’s about to get eaten. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached BAD END!

Well, looks like Koutarou Tennouji’s story has abruptly ended… or is it?

In fact, he might be rescued by this guy who slayed the wolf. I’m not sure who this person is though.

But alas, it was all a dream. About the time where Koutarou used his powers to chase the girl and run away from the wolf? It’s all in his head!

Then again, all things that happened on this episode might become a reality.

For now, Koutarou Tennouji is safe as he woke up at an oden stand owned by Gennady. Oh and as for that old guy named Esaka sitting over there? He’s the one who found Koutarou lying at the park!

Nevertheless, I hope the plot shows up soon… I mean, I can’t ignore Koutarou having powers!

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