Macross Delta Episode #16

I wish Freyja Wion sang the “Nyan-Nyan!” song…

By the way, it looks like Robert Kino won’t tell about Hayate Immelman’s father Wright for the time being. I guess Hayate wasn’t ready for the harsh truth that his father committed 7 years ago!

For now, it’s time for something completely different as this week’s episode is actually Freyja Wion’s 15th birthday. Yeah, she’s gonna reach her midlife crisis today!

Meanwhile, both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius are finding a suitable present for Freyja-chan. But you know what, let’s just say that Hayate and Mirage are dating even though they deny it!

Even Reina Prowler, Makina Nakajima and Chuck Mustang are shipping the pair to heck!

See everyone, the Hayate/Mirage pairing is strong on this one! But wait, where’s Freyja Wion?

Well, she returned to Ragnyannyan Café as usual. Then again, looks like the coffee shop has turned off the lights!

Man, I smell something suspicious inside Ragnyannyan Café…

Nah, they’re just surprising Freyja Wion today because it’s her birthday today! Even Freyja doesn’t know about it.

Great job on making a surprise party, Delta Squadron and Walkure!

Oh yeah, it seems that Mikumo Guynemer made a surprise appearance as she sing Freyja a birthday song. Isn’t it nice?

On the other hand, I wonder if anyone is celebrating Mikumo’s birthday, let alone questioning how old she is?

Well then, it was a good birthday party to have on this episode as it ends with Freyja blowing her candles!

Come to think of it, where’s Hayate Immelman? I mean, he didn’t give her a gift yet!

Never mind, it seems that he gave Freyja something special as Hayate turned the Island Colony into a snow paradise. Well, only part of it!

And look, Hayate Immelman brought some snow makers on this occasion. Way to go Hayate!

In any case, it was the best birthday episode ever for this week! Look at them, they’re enjoying this winter wonderland.

Now all it needs is Snow Halation- Oh wait, flying dog won’t allow a rival idol group on Macross Delta!

Um Mirage, why are you crying when it’s not like Hayate is in an intimate relationship with Freyja? C’mon, you’ll get your chance in the future!

Now then, I’ll see you next week…

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