Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #14

So, have you remembered Koutarou Inagi? As I said last week, he’s the new governor of Tokyo and while he allowed civilian cooperation with the police, Willwear-related crimes is still rampant!

For now, he’s just socializing with Takeru Kuroki and having fun. C’mon, getting stress at work ain’t good if you want to feel young!

Meanwhile, this is Director Kazama as he received a letter which has the company logo of Aster Electric Engineering.

The thing is, the company is linked to a series of crimes made by a special Willwear user named Raidou…

…which turn out to be this one who has a Centaur Unit installed. In any case, Raidou kidnapped Director Kazama as an act of revenge for forcing him out of police duty 10 years ago.

Anyways, time for Takeru Kuroki to wear his Oscar II Willwear Unit and sortie! C’mon, he got used to this since the first half…

Also joining Kuroki is Emilia Edelman as she dons her own Willwear called Oscar VII!

Unfortunately, she’s a bit shaky when confronting her first criminal in Japan, especially when he has the Centaur Unit.

But thanks to Emilia getting scared and jumped the gun, Raidou made his escape and it’s sucks that Takeru will have to chase the criminal…

…since Emilia Edelman’s Oscar VII Willwear got purged. Damn, this ain’t happening!

On the other hand, it turns out that she has a phobia to Centaur Units as Emilia was once tested it, but her unit’s battery fizzled out and got trapped inside the Centaur Unit. Yeah, it was a scary moment for Emilia Edelman.

But now, it’s time for Oscar II to bring out the new Falcon Unit that’ll attach to his back. See, wings gives him power!

With that said, time for Takeru Kuroki to test out its power and stop Raidou with a single strike!

Yeah, the Falcon Unit did much damage that Raidou’s Willwear and the Centaur Unit got blown to bits.

Anyways, looks like Director Kazama has been rescued and the criminal was arrested!

But strangely, this criminal ain’t the real Raidou as he’s just a normal guy named Asanuma.

Anyways, what happened to the real Raidou? Did the person in question have died before this incident happened?

It turns out, Raidou is alive surprisingly enough… Well, barely alive as he’s old and can’t carry out his revenge at the police.

Anyways, the reason why the likes of Asanuma committed crimes is because a certain doctor named Mashirao implanted Raidou’s memories onto Asanuma. Looks like it’s time to investigate Dr. Mashirao!

Unfortunately, a certain Takeru Kuroki got ahead with the investigation and got captured by Dr. Mashirao.

Dammit Kuroki, you should be careful there!

And by the way, this is Dr. Mashirao as he plans to turn Takeru Kuroki into another Raidou. Damn, it’s getting worse!

But don’t worry though as Emilia Edelman made in the nick of time to stop Dr. Mashirao and stop the memory transfer process.

Gotta say that Emilia ain’t scared anymore!

And look, she managed to rescue Takeru Kuroki although I’m worried about him since the experiment interrupted halfway!

As for Dr. Mashirao, he’s not done yet as he makes his desperate attack on both Takeru and Emilia!

Then again, having just a taser as a means to attack two Unit 8 personnel won’t do much as Dr. Mashirao got knocked out cold.

On the other hand, it turns out that this guy wasn’t the real Dr. Mashirao as he was actually his assistant Shirane. The real Dr. Mashirao died 2 years ago so when he’s in his final hours of his life, he transferred his memories onto Shirane.

One last thing, the real Raidou passed away after transferring his memories onto victims many times. Then again, I worried about Takeru Kuroki as he might become like Raidou on the next episode!

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