NEW GAME! Episode #03

When you’re just having a good night sleep, chances are that you’ve overslept and you’ll be tardy for work.

Yeah, this is Aoba Suzukaze’s worst nightmare as she woke up a little bit late!

Well, it’s time for Aoba-chan to hurry up towards her workplace! Also, here’s Yun Iijima as she’s rushing to the office after sleeping too much!

One last thing, I forgot to tell you that Aoba Suzukaze isn’t good at running…

…and therefore got tripped just inches away from the office. By the way, Hifumi Takimoto is there but she’ll be late because Hifumi will pick Aoba’s stuff up and bring it back to her!

Anyways, all 3 employees got tardy and while Aoba and Yun’s excuse is that they overslept, Hifumi’s reason for being late is because her breakfast is so good to eat that she forgot about the time. Wait, that’s not an excuse for Takimoto!

Anyways, it’s time for Aoba Suzukaze to make an non-playable character after learning how to use a 3D modelling software (even though it’s actually Autodesk Maya).

Now then, she’s working hard on this one as Kou Yagami rejected her villager’s design because it doesn’t have the same shading as Hifumi’s model as well has having that stiff expression.

It’s frustrating that she’ll be making revisions every day until Yagami-san is satisfied, but that’s how it is in the video game industry.

But despite all the criticism, Aoba doesn’t give up as she’s learning from her mistakes and taking suggestions from Rin Touyama, which she believes that Aoba’s earlier iterations of the female villagers is somewhat better.

I have to say that Aoba Suzukaze is easy to learn various things since she’s growing up as an adult!

Eventually, Aoba nailed it and submitted the model to Kou Yagami in the early morning.

And the result: Yagami-san gave it a pass but she told Aoba-chan to make a model in 3 days or less, something that Aoba can’t do it for now but she’ll get the hang of it!

With that said, another episode of NEW GAME! has ended and I’ll see you next week!

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