Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #03

Well, seems that Yurishia Farandole is getting closer to Kizuna Hida after last week’s episode!

In fact, she invited him to visit various places…

…like the Kinkaku-ji Temple. Well actually, it was a replica as the real one is still in Japan, although I have a feeling that the Kinkaku-ji is already destroyed.

Then again, Yurishia doesn’t mind about that as she’s having fun with Kizuna Hida! That’s what counts!

After a date with Yurishia Farandole, Kizuna Hida went home but not before meeting Hayuru Himekawa along the way.

Sure that Hayuru hates Kizuna for being a pervert, but it’s not like he did it on purpose unless Reiri order him to do so!

Anyways, Hayuru tripped and almost fell face-first into the pavement if it wasn’t for Kizuna saving her.

See Hayuru, Kizuna has no intention to do lewd things with you!

Then again, seems that their Hybrid Count has been replenished. Damn, how is it possible without arousing Hayuru Himekawa?

Whatever the case, it’s sucks that she’s the only one left that didn’t get molested by Kizuna or anything. Maybe next time perhaps!

Moving onto the next scene where Kizuna Hida is in an awkward position with Aine Chidorigafuchi.

Well, let’s just say that Aine’s social skills needs a lot of work, so please bear with her okay?

Oh yeah, and it seems that Aine Chidorigafuchi brought some homemade sandwiches… which are not because she bought those sandwiches at the convenience store and cut into halves to make it homemade.

Well, that was disappointing coming from Aine Chidorigafuchi that Kizuna Hida just turned into white ash.

One more thing, Aine doesn’t know what “homemade” is and how to pull it off. It would be crazy for her to make bread from scratch and catching pigs for their meat!

But you know what, there’s one solution to this situation. Why not have Kizuna forcefully grope Aine’s boobies!

Then again, I think she’s not feeling it because Aine forced Kizuna to grab her tits. Not a good idea there!

Honestly, I think that in order to have a successful replenishment of Hybrid Count, both of them should be willing to make out with tender loving care. In short, have a good and smoking hot sex!

Lastly, here’s Kei Shikina and Reiri Hida as they talk about how the Heart Hybrid Gear project was formed and how they find Aine Chidorigafuchi.

Let’s talk about Aine Chidorigafuchi first as it turns out that Aine doesn’t know who she really is. Heck, her last name came from the Chidorigafuchi Park at Tokyo where Aine was found there. Anyways, Nayuta Hida chose Aine Chidorigafuchi because Kizuna Hida is trash and therefore Aine is far more interesting as a test subject than her own son.

Yeah, what a best mother ever and also, fuck Nayuta Hida because the next one is far scarier!

You see, it turns out that once the Hybrid Count reached zero, the HHG user will die as it’s linked to a person’s life force. Yet for some reason, Nayuta Hida doesn’t mind casualties as long as she gets the results from the Heart Hybrid Gear program.

Anyways, this revelation shocked Kizuna very hard as he and the rest of the Amaterasu are at risk of losing their life away due to being tied with their Hybrid Count! As for Nayuta Hida, she disappeared yet I have a feeling that she’ll return as an enemy and destroy Ataraxia Academy with her own creations much like Vitaly Tynyanov from Hundred!

In any case, let’s end this episode with Aine Chidorigafuchi taking an angsty shower. Sadly, there’s no visible nipples around!

Maybe in the next episode, they’ll bring back the nudity and all that shenanigans…

Also, we got another World Collision coming up next week! Just great, and I was looking forward for bringing back the fanservice when these Magitech soldiers showed up!

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