Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ Episode #03

Well, it looks like Kaoru Hanawa is planning to become a wedding organizer in the future. Of course, she’ll have to attend the same university as her sister Sayomi, which they assume that Kaoru will follow Sayomi’s footsteps.

Then again, Kaoru has her own life and so it Sayomi!

Meanwhile, here’s Maon Sakurada as she wants not only to write stories, but also to sing, act, and even draw illustrations.

Wait, is Maon-chan aiming to become a multi-talented person!? Also, she wants to inherit the family’s inn…

…which her father disagrees for no reason. Well actually, he’s planning to close down the Nodoka-tei inn after retiring together with Maon’s mother.

Yeah, that’s quite a shocker for Maon-chan as she’s quite fond of the inn when growing up!

Therefore, Maon went back to her hometown together with her friends so she can talk it over to her dad.

Unfortunately, Maon’s mother told her to help them out upon arriving at Nodoka-tei inn…

…because it turns out that her father got a fractured ankle on his left leg. Oh, and his decision to close the inn after retiring won’t change a bit!

In any case, it was disappointment for Maon Sakurada as coming back to her hometown went nothing!

Of course, Maon won’t give up though as it turns out that her beloved inn is having financial difficulties as Nodoka-tei is ridden with debt. Yeah, it’s serious stuff!

So, Maon Sakurada came up with her decision in which she’ll study economics to help her parents and save Nodoka-tei from closure.

Yeah, it was a shocker for Maon’s parents regarding her future plans and speaking about that, Maon will also pursue her dreams of becoming a singer, illustrator, and story-teller!

But you know what, it turns out that the inn having so much debt was just a misunderstanding. The truth is that they want Maon to only pursue her dreams instead of sharing the burden of running a family business like the Nodoka-tei.

One more thing, about Maon’s father getting that sprained ankle. It turns out that he just tripped, that’s all!

So yes, it was all just a misunderstanding but despite all of that, Maon Sakurada will do her best to pursue her dreams and help the family business. Just hoping that she won’t burned out with all of her future goals!

Next up, the town of Takehara are preparing for another “Path of Longing” festival and it seems that business is booming at Cafe Tamayura!

On the other hand, Kanae Mitani has returned and she brought two of her college friends to enjoy the festivities.

Then again, two of her friends are also part of Sayomi Hanawa’s Exploration Club. Yeah, Sayomi is so popular that she’s treated as an angel!

Also returning to see the festival is Nozomu Natsume who asked Fu Sawataru about her future. While Potte will pursue her career as a professional photographer just like Riho Shihomi, Mr. Natsume warned Fu-nyon not to expect on reaching her goals alone.

Now while college is the final step on having a professional career, I think Fu-nyon should have a helping hand on her way of becoming a photographer. Then again, going to Tokyo and study there is a challenge on its own.

One last thing, looks like Potte won’t be taking pictures for the “Path of Longing” festival as her Rollei camera will have a long repair time by her Maestro.

Well, what a bad timing for Fu Sawatari as she’s looking forward to take picture during the festival!

Meanwhile, Takehara is being surrounded with lights that illuminate the town, perfect for tourists and professional photographers to make their best shot.

By the way, guess who’s behind that screen? Why it’s none other than Kou Sawatari and Komachi Shinoda! Looks like Norie Okazaki won’t like Komachi hogging Kou-tan during the festival!

On the other hand, seems that Potte is somewhat hesitant on reaching her goals as she can’t leave her beloved town and her friends yet. All I can say, it’s gonna be a tough one for Fu Sawatari as she’s torn on whether to leave Takehara and study in Tokyo or not.

With that said, there’s one more episode to go as Tamayura is reaching its conclusion! What will be the future for Fu Sawatari and her friends on the grand finale?

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