BATTERY Episode #02

This is Takumi Harada’s younger brother Seiha, where he wished to be a baseball player someday but Takumi says no.

But if you look at his eyes, I feel that Seiha has determination to play unlike Takumi!

Meanwhile, here’s Gou Nagakura’s mother who urged Takumi to tell her son to quit playing baseball because she’s worried about his future, which is owning the family-owned hospital.

Honestly, I feel that while Gou’s mother cared about him, it’s up to Gou on deciding whether to quit or not. After all, Gou approached Takumi to become his pitcher in the first place upon enrolling to middle school.

Speaking of both Takumi and Gou, they’re doing fine as battery-mates and it seems that Gou can catch Takumi’s pitches without any issues.

I hope they’ll continue their partnership, but I think Takumi should change his personality one bit…

…especially when Seiha got lost in the woods and couldn’t get out. One misstep would send Takumi’s younger brother down the lake!

However, only Takumi fell off the lake instead. Damn son, you shouldn’t rush into things or you might get hurt!

Good thing his pitching arm wasn’t injured, but I feel that he needs to sort himself out as Takumi is easily panicked into things such as Seiha’s disappearance. Heck, it might affect him during games!

In any case, Seiha Harada is safe now that Gou Nagakura rescued him, but Takumi’s recklessness has made a fool of himself and I strongly believe that he should change his attitude.

Anyways, onto next week episode!

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