Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #03

Hey guys, here’s a new character that wasn’t appeared in previous episodes until now. Yes, she’s cute and she’s voiced by Sumire Uesaka!

Anyways, this is Colette who is a student from United Kingdom but she decides to stay in Japan because she’s comfortable here.

Oh yeah, and Colette is a junior member of the Art Club but she’s busy with other things…

…like flying a kite at the rooftop. Um Colette, kite flying is not part of the club’s activities!

On the other hand, i wonder if she’s good at drawing other than flying kites all day?

Meanwhile, Subaru Uchimaki is having an artist’s block as he couldn’t come up with a fitting hairstyle for his latest waifu!

For a boy who make so many waifus, he couldn’t choose on whether Subaru can have a pony-tail or a short bob for his next artwork.

But don’t worry though as Mizuki Usami brought a women’s fashion magazine that’ll help Subaru out, even though he doesn’t like 3D girls because they’re pig-disgusting… Well, not all of them!

But hey, Mizuki did her best to support Subaru-kun even though he preferred 2D girls.

Finally, Mizuki’s classmate paid a visit to the art club they’re bored and they want to check it out!

Anyways, the one with the ribbon is Kaori Ayase and together with two friends, Sayaka Honda and Ryouko Kunigawa, they’re here to become trial members.

In any case, Kaori Ayase and her two friends are competing to see who’s the best when drawing both Mizuki Usami and Subaru Uchimaki.

Yeah, both of them felt awkward but I have a feeling that it was all planned by Kaori to pair up both Mizuki and Subaru!

Too bad about Kaori Ayase as she’s the only one who can’t draw decently.

Maybe next time, Kaori should practice her drawing skills instead of shipping both Usami and Uchimaki!

Now then, let’s end this week’s episode when Subaru drink Mizuki’s apple juice, which it’s considered an indirect kiss! But like I said earlier, he prefers 2D girls over 3D ones.

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