Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #03

Well then, looks like Rena and Yui won’t be monkeying around on Johnny’s circus party anymore as they break out from their explosive-rigged glass cell!

Of course, Johnny won’t just let them get away scot-free though as he launched his desperation move, which is blowing himself up and pray that something bad will happen to Magna Alecto!

For a guy who asked Yui about her three sizes, Johnny won’t be missed because he’s an asshole much like any other person who challenged Rena!

Come to think of it, Rena’s enemies are into lolicon! *shudders*

In any case, Johnny the reporter/magician is gone as he blows himself up!

Of course, there’s Johann as he still haven’t done anything to destroy Magna Alecto.

Look at Johann, he’s an asshole who just watch the battle until he got bored and run away!

Fuck this bastard, I hope he dies on the next episode or two!

Meanwhile, another Regalia appeared to finish Magna Alecto off. Damn, there’s no end to this!

Speaking of the Magna Alecto, the Regalia is in a berserk state which means that Johnny’s plan worked after all!

Yeah, I’m so freaking mad at that perverted reporter right now!

On the other hand, Yui is trying to get a hold of Rena before she loses herself.

C’mon, Yui doesn’t want her beloved sister to become a rogue weapon bent on destroying everything just like 12 years ago!

But anyways, Yui managed to rescue Rena… for now! I mean, we don’t know when she’ll lose herself the next time she turns into Magna Alecto.

As for the white Regalia, it escaped for the time being. Of course, it’ll return to challenge Magna Alecto again!

Speaking of the white Regalia, these two girls named Tia and Sara are piloting it. I don’t know if they’ll fight the Magna Alecto again, but I’m hoping that they’ll become friends with Rena and Yui in the end!

In any case, I’ll see you next week!

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