Alderamin on the Sky Episode #03

Well guys and girls, while I was planning to celebrate both Aya Uchida and Aina Suzuki’s birthday today, I’m here to talk about this week’s episode as Ikta Solork and his merry friends are about to learn the art of war and become officers after graduation.

Then again, Ikta Solork doesn’t want to do such things at first as he preferred doing office work and flirt with women instead!

Also joining him and his friends at the military school is Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik, who wanted to learn the art of warfare and see if Ikta Solork is capable of being a genius commander than a slacker.

By the way, this arrogant guy is named Sarihaslag Remion and as you may know, he is Torway’s older brother who belittled his younger sibling for being a spineless, pretty-boy coward.

Really Sarihaslag, I don’t think Torway as a coward as he can man it up and snipe enemies without hesitation!

Also, Sarihaslag is actually a pussy for freaking-out over a centipede. And that my friends is how Sarihaslag Remion is: a dirty coward who’s easily panicked when things go wrong!

And by the way, Ikta Solork is the one who drop the centipede onto Sarihaslag’s douchebag-like face so way to go there Ikky!

For some reason, I feel that Alderamin on the Sky has gone interesting!

One last thing, this character will become Ikta’s subordinate in the upcoming mock battle.

This is Suya Mitcalif who doesn’t believe in Ikta Solork’s ability to command his troops swiftly. On the other hand, Suya has somewhat a personal grudge on him as there was a time that Ikta had sex with her mother.

There you have it boys, Ikta Solork is a smooth criminal! It’s no surprising that he’s a magnificent lecherous bastard for sleeping with women!

Anyways, next week will have Ikta Solork’s first mock battle together with Matthew Tetdrich, Torway Remion, and Suya Mitcalif. What comes next will show his commanding abilities to the fullest!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m really enjoying this series. It’s kind of come out of nowhere but I really love the main characters and they are managing to keep things interesting. While the outcome of this training exercise seems inevitable (particularly with narrator girl telling us he’s going to be a genius) I want to see exactly how he wins the exercise.
    Thanks for sharing.

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