Kuromukuro Episode #16

Well everyone, it looks like Muetta (or Yukihime) and Mirasa are returning to Earth with only their spacesuits…

…which can soften their landing via their in-built gravity generator. Yeah, who needs parachutes!

Meanwhile, both Liu Shen Mi and Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki are training for their upcoming single-seater GAUS geoframes.

While Shen Mi is doing fine without Tom Borden’s foul-mouthed tirades, Toshiyuki-san couldn’t do his fullest becuase Sophie Noël will return to France even though she doesn’t want to. Also, I feel that France might be targeted by Efidolg soon.

Basically, you won’t guarantee that your country is safe to return!

But now, let’s move onto something different as Marina Unami tries cosplaying together with Mika Ogino. Yeah, they looked great in their bikini armor!

Oh, and they also looked cool too when cross-dressing as hot male characters from a boys’ love manga!

By the way, Marina-sensei is responsible for convincing other teachers to hold a school festival. But after Muetta infiltrating into the school campus and attacked Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, she felt that it was all her fault and decided to resign.

In any case, joining up with Yukina’s friends would make Marina-sensei feel better again! But wait, where’s Yukina Shirahane?

Oh, it seems that she’s just guarding the shooting area and telling bystanders not to record anything with their camera.

While it’s disappointing that Yukina-chan didn’t do cosplay on this episode, at least she’s protecting Marina-sensei and Mika-chan from guerrilla videographers!

Also joining Mika Ogino’s video cosplay shoot are Jundai Kayahara, José Carlos Takasuka, and Ryouto Akagi.

All I can say is that Kayahara and Akagi-kun are doing something normal instead of risking their lives again like moving closer to the enemy and record it for more views!

But let’s go back to Kurobe Laboratory where Muetta and Mirasa are infiltrating to find the hinge stone and kill Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma. It’s two birds in one stone!

Then again, assassinating Kennosuke will be a challenge as he killed Fusnarnie before and let’s face it, Kennosuke is tougher thanks to his regenerative abilities!

Of course, the samurai will often stop his attacks once he met Muetta again and call her as Princess Yukihime again.

While I said it before on whether Muetta is actually Yukihime or a different person, the fact that Kennosuke kowtowing to Muetta is like lowering his guard and making him vulnerable!

In any case, Kennosuke’s plea failed as Muetta doesn’t remember anything of being Princess Yukihime.

Ken-chan, you’re such an idiot! Of course, his life will be spared for now…

…as Muetta and Mirasa found the hinge stone underneath the laboratory.

While the staff at Kurobe Laboratory couldn’t decipher the stone yet, I feel that Efidolg has vague plans on using it. Whether the hinge stones will be used to power up a weapon or make another planet is a mystery.

Unfortunately for Muetta and Mirasa, getting their hands on the hinge stones was thwarted when the security personnel surrounded them.

While Kennosuke told Muetta (or Yukihime) to surrender, it’s not like she and Mirasa will just listen to mere Earthlings anyway as they’re freaking stubborn!

But you know what, if they can’t drop their weapons and surrender, Sophie Noël will do it for them as there’s no glare that’ll blind her this time! Oh, and Sophie won’t go back to France as she wants to fight alongside Kennosuke.

As for both Efidolg officers, they escaped and while the security personnel wanted to shoot them down, Kennosuke stopped them because Princess Yukihime is there even though she’s from Efidolg. Besides, Muetta doesn’t remember being Princess Yukihime yet.

Anyways, looks like Muetta and Mirasa escaped. Kennosuke, you’re an idiot and you might get punished soon!

Meanwhile, Yukina Shirahane was called by UN personnel as the Kurobe Laboratory was attacked by Efidolg officers and therfore asked her to return there. Looks like their cosplay video shoot is over, ladies and gentlemen!

Lastly, let’s go back to these two Efidolg officers as Mirasa betrayed Muetta by stabbing her in the gut. Yeah, that didn’t see it coming!

And look, Muetta fell over to the dam. Next thing that’ll happen is Muetta survived the fall, but she has amnesia or possibly reverted her memories to that of Princess Yukihime!

Then again, we’ll never know until we found out on the next episode…

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