Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #04

So after that epic concert from last week’s episode, Mari Ohara has approved Chika Takami’s School Idol Club because she’s impressed on the outcome!

Then again, their clubroom needs some fixing to do…

On the other hand, it seems that someone is interested on joining the school idol club. I wonder who she is?

Anyways, the red-haired girl from the left is Ruby Kurosawa who is Dia’s younger sister. While Dia doesn’t like school idols (even though she’s secretly a die-hard µ’s fan), Ruby-chan continues her idol fandom and thus got excited when she joined the school idol club!

Also joining Ruby Kurosawa is Hanamaru Kunikida who wanted to support her friend’s dreams at the cost of her own. And why perhaps? Because Hanamaru believes that she didn’t stand out nor good at anything, and also prefer to read books… alone.

Come to think of it, Hanamaru Kunikida reminds me of Rin Hoshizora- Wait, Hanamaru is Rin-chan!

But you know what, if Ruby joined the club by herself, there’s no point of reaching her dreams unless she’s with Hanamaru! After all, Ruby-chan believes that Hanamaru is cuter and she can do anything as a school idol.

With that said, both Ruby Kurosawa and Hanamaru Kunikida have officially joined the school idol club on this week’s episode! Tune in next time as Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy’s school idol club tries to recruit a certain fallen angel…

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