Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume Episode #03

So after fixing the projector up by the Junker, it’s finally ready to light up the whole planetarium with stars!

Then again, the projector last a short while. It’s not because of some faulty parts, it’s something that’s starting to lose after 30 years of war…

Basically, it’s about electricity as the supply has dried up and there’s no alternate source to replenish it.

It’s sucks that the presentation was interrupted by a blackout, but the Junker told Yumemi that the show must go on. No do-overs, just continue what the show have left off!

Anyways, the presentation continued on as Yumemi’s ribbons light up while talking about the stars, the epic tale of Perseus, the evolution of mankind, and the cycle of life as we know it!

Kudos to the Junker for seeing the whole thing without blinking an eye. For some reason, seeing the planetarium show makes him remember what the world like 30 years ago. Maybe he wanted a life without resorting to scavenging goods and other useful stuff!

With that said, the Junker left the planetarium as he heads back to base. However, seems that Yumemi Hoshino will join him on his perilous journey back home.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode! Of course, I’m worried about Yumemi as she might run out of batteries along the way.

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