Ange Vierge Episode #03

There you have it, the aftermath of last week’s episode where Ouroboros attacked Seiran Island and froze every α driver, including Amane Ayashiro, into a living crystal. Oh and if someone planning to destroy the crystal, you’re in tough luck ’cause it’ll fire you back!

Come to think of it, there’s no information regarding Ouroboros apart from merging five worlds and destroying it. In fact, I wonder if Ouroboros represents Kadokawa merging five of its light novel brands?

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael told Saya Sougetsu and her friends that while Amane is fine, she’s in a sleep-like state. Then again, there’s a possibility that Amane and the rest of the α drivers might get corrupted.

Oh and one more thing, remember the time where Saya Sougetsu fought against Aoi Mikage? There’s another purpose of it as fighting between two Progresses produces Extra, which slows down the merging of all five worlds. Without Extra, it’ll hasten the World End phenomenon.

By the way, it’s great to see Dr. Michael holding that Game Gear-like device!

Anyways, the UC Progress went to Ryuujin Island because they’re worried about Miumi Hinata and the rest of her team.

After all, the SR and EXR Progress got duped by Ouroboros’ diversion attack there!

Now then, Saya-chan and her friends have arrived on the island to check their seniors if they’re okay.

However, I have a feeling that it’s a trap waiting to be sprung at any moment!

And lo and behold, there is a trap in Ryuujin Island as Miumi Hinata attacked Saya Sougetsu! Oh and if you noticed right now, Miumi-sempai’s eyes and uniform are different as it turns out that she went to the Dark Side.

In any case, Miumi Hinata berated Saya-chan for being weak and other mean things that’ll hurt her ego. On the other hand, I have a feeling that Ouroboros represents us fans regarding corrupting girls by buying lewd doujinshi. Then again, it’s just my speculaion!

Anyways, tired of being second-fiddle to SRs and EXRs, Saya channeled her anger and all of her sorrow towards her final attack…

…which made into this nice explosion that knocked Miumi out including her clothes. It’s not Shining Finger Sword by the way, but it works!

And there you have it, Saya Sougetsu saved Miumi Hinata at Ryuujin Island. See, Saya-chan knocked her clothes out!

However, there are many Progress like Aoi Mikage who went to the Dark Side so it’s gonna be a tough road for Saya Sougetsu and her companions to rescue their EXR seniors as well as stopping Ouroboros for destroying all five worlds.

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