Well, here’s Ichiya Suzaku as he visits a student and tries to comfort him. Sure that it’s nice for Icchan to visit a friend at a hospital, but it’s just that he just swallowed his pride for once!

Afterwards, Ichiya returns to his prima donna personality. Then again, he’ll face his toughest opponent yet…

…when students from Tokyo encountered a Leviathan-class Unknown at Umihotaru.

While it looked like a tower than a monster, this Unknown is stronger than previous classes that most of the Tokyo students retreated or they might get themselves killed!

Then again, it appears that both Kanagawa and Chiba blamed Ichiya Suzaku for letting his soldiers patrol the area without him. To be fair, Icchan was at the hospital at that time where the Leviathan-class Unknown appeared.

In any case, Ichiya Suzaku went to Umihotaru so he can finish the Leviathan-class by himself!

After all, he’s responsible for letting some students from Tokyo saw a powerful Unknown and one more thing, Icchan considered the Tokyo personnel as pushover. You know what, Icchan can’t beat the Unknown by himself…

…so a bunch of Tokyo students with World powers came to his aide. Sure that they’re not as strong as Ichiya, but it’s better than having no allies to back him up!

Also joining them is Canaria Utara as she provides support with her lovely singing voice!

With that said, Icchan can’t fight all of the Unknowns by himself unless he has comrades to back him up.

But then again, the Leviathan-class is too damn strong as Ichiya Suzaku was pushed away.

Well, he should have called backup before taking on the enemy!

Then again, Icchan needs backup real bad as Canaria collapsed and she’s losing blood. I guess she pushed herself too much!

Anyway, it’s a life-or-death situation for Canaria Utara next week!

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