Rewrite Episode #04

Oh look, it’s the ribbon-clad ghost girl… in broad daylight! How is it possible?!

Also, only Koutarou Tennouji can see it while the rest can’t notice the ghost at all. You should have brought some shikigami, Koutarou!

Anyways, this week’s episode is all about Shizuru Nakatsu as while she has heterochromia, Shizuru has a big secret to tell!

Oh yeah and if you noticed what she’s holding, it’s a bag full of bread crusts. I wonder if Shizuru is poor since she’s buying lots of it for dinner?

But let’s go back to Shizuru Nakatsu’s big secret as they’re joined by this woman who chased her a lot in the past.

This is Touka Nishikujou, Shizuru’s actual guardian who knows what happened to her. But you know what, Shizuru will do the talking about her history…

…by going to this house in another neighborhood, which is actually where Shizuru lived there before.

But wait, what about her parents? Well, Shizuru’s mom and dad are still living in that house, but it seems that they forgot about Shizuru which brings us to her painful story.

Anyways, Shizuru Nakatsu lived a normal life together with her parents and she was happy back then.

So when her father bought a new house, Shizuru is excited to live in a bigger home and continue their happy lives!

Then it all changed when a monster attacked Shizuru and her parents as well as burned their new house down.

Sure that it was tragic, but the thing is that mysterious beings exist in which they appeared around town without warning!

Meanwhile, this is where Shizuru Nakatsu manifested healing powers once her right eye got severely injured. Unfortunately, Shizuru fainted before realizing her own powers!

However, Shizuru-chan and her parents were rescued by a certain person named Sougen Esaka. See that monocle on his right eye? That’s Esaka-san who previously appeared at the end of Episode 3!

Anyways, Shizuru Nakatsu was saved together with her parents. But it gets complicated afterwards when Shizuru realized that she has healing powers, which is dangerous to public at large. So, Esaka’s organization keep Shizuru away from her mom and dad by paying them a large sum of money, which is bad as her parents argued about it until Shizuru wished that they should forget everything including herself. And by the way, she manifested another ability to alter memories on that day.

To summarize what happened, Shizuru Nakatsu got healing powers after being attacked by a monster, which is then followed by having memory-altering powers where she used it after her parents started fighting. Yeah, she got hit pretty hard!

One more thing I forgot to add regarding Shizuru’s parents as they have another child named Shizuka. Then again, they forgot that they have Shizuru before.

In any case, this episode was the most interesting that happened so far. Despite some animation hiccups here and there, the staff did a good job of highlighting Shizuru Nakatsu’s story and how she end up having her eyepatch in a tragic way. Then again, I wonder if Shizuru’s powers will show up again at some point and will she fully-control it?

Speaking of superpowers, I’m very curious on watching Rewrite now that both Koutarou and Shizuru has one, but I’m worried about Shizuru since she can unexpectedly erase a person’s memories apart from her healing ability. Anyways, I’ll see you next week then…

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