Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #15

Let’s move onto something different as this week’s episode will be focused on Asami Kazari and Kansai Region’s Mobile Assault Division, Unit 9!

Strangely enough, Unit 9 don’t speak like an Osakan which is weird because while most people nowadays speak standard Japanese across the country, there should be people speaking in their local dialect.

Anyways, these people are Asami’s subordinates called Fingers consisting of Sousuke Torigoe, Aki Tomigusuku, Yuyuko Shimazakura, Kanna Miyoshi, and Taiga Nawa.

These five people are somewhat capable, but they’re competing to see who’s the best. You know what, Asami is the best because she’s the leader!

Also joining Asami Kazari is the chief mechanic of Unit 9, who is always called as Kyoukai-sama.

For some reason, he and Kyoukai-san from Unit 8 always have the same name. While Unit 8’s chief mechanic revealed his real name a while back, we’ll never know about Kyoukai-sama’s real name!

Now then, let’s move to some serious stuff as a group of seiyuu connoisseurs stormed a recording studio at Tokyo and barricaded themselves. They demanded that real voice actors should be used in movies because celebrities dubbing film characters are stiff and boring!

Oh yeah, and they changed their voices to that of cross-dressing idol Amu Shinmei. Yeah, Amu-chan’s voice is cute but these enthusiasts don’t need to involve him (or her) into their problems. And let’s face it, the current seiyuu industry needs some looks and charisma along with his/her talent to stay relevant!

By the way, Unit 8 was supposed to handle this siege but most of them got hit by a flu, which leaves Unit 9 on dealing with these disgruntled otakus!

One more thing, the whole area is fitted with explosives that are voice-sensitive. Even if you walk silently, it’ll trigger a bomb in no time as shows when a police squad got blasted away. Their sacrifices will not be in vain though…

…as Asami Kazari and the Fingers are here to swiftly arrest the criminals.

C’mon, they don’t believe in blunders as Unit 9 will come out on top no matter what!

And so, Asami Kazari’s team finally arrested the criminals. But then again, their demands of letting real seiyuus voicing in movies instead of celebrities will not be heard!

I mean, the entertainment industry and media will just hush it up as nothing more than an incident, which will be forgotten over-time.

In any case, time for Asami Kazari and her team to celebrate by shouting Amu Shinmei’s catchphrase: “Everyone, Miracle!”

Then again, it turns out that by saying Amu’s catchphrase, it’ll activate those explosives which would be a pain in the ass for Kazari to pay damages and make an apology for screwing it up!

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Active Raid. On the other hand, I’m still worried about Takeru Kuroki after what happened in Episode 14.

One last thing, here’s Mythos or should I say Tomohisa as he’s still behind bars in an undisclosed location.

Of course, whether he’s still involved with the latest string of Willwear-related crimes is up for debate!

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