Macross Delta Episode #17

What can I say, Windermere is gearing up for an all-out war against the New United Nations now that the kingdom has ordered Draken III variable fighters!

Meanwhile, here’s Lord Roid Brehm as he’s finding a way to lessen King Heinz’s burden by finding a replacement… using either Mikumo Guynemer or Freyja Wion!

Meanwhile, here’s something bold that AKB0048’s guerilla concerts looked like child’s play!

If the likes of Kaname Buccaneer and Makina Nakajima can visit a planet and hold a concert there, it just won’t cut it when Windermere holds the entire Brisingr Cluster. So they resorted to hacking the entire galaxy and air Walkure’s concert across planets!

Oh, and there’s fan participation too where you can smash that “like” button for Makina’s gravure photos!

By clicking that like button, you’re generating cash to save Walkure and the Delta Squadron from financial trouble!

By the way, the guerilla concert at the Brisingr Cluster won’t be possible without Reina Prowler’s hacking skills!

But it’s not like she’ll infect computers all day with her virus, as Reina is an idol where she sings together with the rest of Walkure!

Moving onto Mikumo Guynemer as her voice has slightly changed. Of course, we don’t know about her past though as Mikumo is focusing on the present.

And finally, here’s Freyja Wion as she has changed thanks to Hayate Immelman. C’mon, she’s starting to have feelings for him after last week’s episode!

Then again, it’s sucks that Mirage Farina Jenius is playing second-fiddle at the moment.

Speaking of Hayate, is it me or he’s being captivated by Freyja’s sweet voice that Hayate is getting a headache?

If it does, is Hayate’s fold quartz pendant is starting to lose its power? Regardless, I hope Hayate Immelman will be fine!

Then again, it looks like Hayate won’t be a-okay when Arad Mölders told the truth about his father 7 years ago.

Well, there’s no point of hiding it anymore since the series is getting closer to its conclusion!

It turns out that Wright Immelman was contacted by the Windermerean rebel forces to steal a dimensional bomb and drop onto their planet. But here’s something crazy that happened 7 years ago as the dimensional bomb was intended to cripple the NUNS forces stationed at Windermere, yet Lord Roid used that as proof that the New United Nations are monsters by disregarding treaties just to quell some local folks!

Well I knew that Hayate’s father is responsible, but then again the whole conflict between the Windermere and the New United Nations is getting grey. While there are a few people like Roid Brehm who wanted to kill each other as an act of vengeance and jealousy, I think that the Epsilon Foundation (or that douchebag NUNS guy who suggested to plant reaction bombs at Ragna) is getting the benefit of this messy war across the cluster.

In any case, I hope that learning the harsh truth won’t affect Hayate Immelman much as the Delta Squadron and Walkure are going back to Voldor on the next episode.

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