NEW GAME! Episode #04

Looks like Aoba Suzukaze is getting the hang of her job at Eagle Jump. On the other hand, Shizuku Hazuki is having fun taking ninja photos of Aoba’s happy face!

But back at Eagle Jump and while most of the employees went home…

Some like Kou Yagami have stayed there to do some overtime. Oh, and she’s in her undies again!

If there’s someone sneak up on this building and saw Yagami-san, she’ll be in trouble!

Good thing Rin Touyama is there but she wants Kou to wear her skirt all the time. It’s uncouth to drop her skirt you know, especially when it’s closer to midnight!

Also, seems that Rin is giving Kou-san a hard massage. Nothing like having her shoulders getting that hard rubbin’ from Touyama!

Speaking of Rin Touyama, seems that she’s dropping her skirt as well. But then again, Kou Yagami managed to get a glimpse of her panties…

Yup, it’s light pink for Rin-san! Good thing Kou Yagami is there or Rin might be in trouble!

Then again, Rin Touyama sees Kou Yagami as nothing but trouble!

But you know what, they’re both women and the Eagle Jump office won’t let anybody in without an employee ID!

On the other hand, there’s nothing with Kou-san and Rin-san sleeping on the same sleeping bag!

Oh wait, it’s office hours already. Kou Yagami and Rin Touyama might be in trouble if they don’t wear their skirts back, especially when Aoba saw both panties today!

Anyways, let’s end this week’s episode with Aoba Suzukaze receiving her first paycheck.

Yeah, she’s living the dream but of course, I think it’s best for her to save that money or buy some cake for once!

One last thing, here’s Shizuku Hazuki as she’s shocked about her real age. Well, it’s a secret to everybody!

Except for her assistant named Umiko Ahagon who knows Shizuku’s real age. Then again, the director wants to keep it hush for the time being, or maybe forever though as it’s a sensitive issue!

Anyways, see ya next week!

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