Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #04

Well look what we have here… It appears that the Ataraxia students are wearing what appears to be Heart Hybrid Gears.

Then again, maybe not as it doesn’t look genuine. Heck, they might get blown away by Magitech enemies!

So the enemy has arrived near the Tokyo Megafloat, and I have to say that Ataraxia Academy will be doomed if the students didn’t mobilize and defend their school from invaders!

On the other hand, here’s Aine Chidorigafuchi as she recklessly attacked the enemy. I mean, the only thing she does is fighting and that’s why Aine has an awkward life after living in the laboratory.

Alas, Aine Chidorigafuchi got crashed and burned as she got bombarded by the enemy!

Poor Aine, looks like she’ll be a goner on this week’s episode… or is it?

C’mon, this is a fanservice anime and there’s no such thing as serious things like handling death (except for Highschool DxD)!

Turns out that Kizuna Hida rescued her before her Hybrid Count goes to zero.

Then again, Aine continues to fight because that’s what she lived for, otherwise she’ll become as useless as Kizuna-kun!

But Kizuna-kun told her that Aine can be useful to other things. After all, Reiri Hida picked Kizuna up and told him that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have talent as long as work hard!

On the other hand, both Kizuna and Aine should be happy like making friends and stuff. C’mon, they’re stuck under Nayuta’s watch for a long time in which she’ll abandon them if they’re no use to her research, so both of them deserve a normal life other than fighting invaders!

Anyways, looks like Kizuna’s speech has calmed Aine a bit…

And now, it’s time to for them to have some fondling breasts and touching her erogenous zones like the nape!

I mean, it’s necessary to restore their Hybrid Count or they’ll die!

But you know what, let’s move to another level as Aine Chidorigafuchi will take the lead by going on top!

I mean, she’s licking Kizuna’s body like a bitch in heat! Well technically, she’s already is as an aftereffect of their Heart Hybrid process.

Would it be nice if there’s penetration? But that’ll shut Masou Gakuen HxH down if the staff go that far!

Anyways, let’s wrap it up as Kizuna Hida goes for the climax… Get it, climax?

Never mind, it’s time to finish this as Kizuna gropes Aine’s tits…

…and suckle it like a baby calf! Well, I guess Aine Chidorigafuchi just came afterwards!

In any case, their Hybrid Count has been restored and now it’s time to get back into the battlefield!

Meanwhile, here’s Yurishia Farandole and Hayuru Himekawa and while their Hybrid Count is pretty stable, I think they’ll get jealous once Aine Chidorigafuchi returns…

…with a new weapon at hand! This is called an Immoral Weapon which Aine activated it once her Hybrid Count has reached over 100 percent.

Now I’m curious to see if she can reach 200 percent and get a new weapon. I mean, the only way to have 200% is for Aine to have sex with Kizuna!

Speaking of Kizuna Hida, seems that his Eros suit has inherited Zeros’ abilities after doing erotic things to Aine Chidorigafuchi!

Curiously, I wonder if Kizuna can get both Yurishia and possibly Hayuru’s abilities after doing Heart Hybrid?

With that said, let’s end this episode as Aine unleashed her Immoral Weapon against the invaders!

And look, nobody would survive that. I guess those Magitech enemies will have to lick their wounds for another World Collision!

But yeah, it’s all thanks to Aine Chidorigafuchi that the enemy was pushed away. Now then, it’s time for her to spend some time with Kizuna Hida!

That’s about it for this week’s episode of Masou Gakuen HxH! Tune in next week as the Amaterasu team might encounter a Heart Hybrid Gear user working with the invaders… Then again, I want some fanservice from Hayuru!

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