BATTERY Episode #03

With Takumi Harada and Gou Nagakura finally enrolled to a local middle school in Nitta, it’s time for them to join the baseball club!

Of course, becoming a starter won’t be easy unless they impress this coach named Makoto Tomura, who is part of Nitta High School’s baseball team under Takumi’s grandfather Ioka.

Anyways, Tomura-sensei is impressed in Takumi’s developed body. Of course, he warned him not to push himself too hard!

Well then, both Takumi Harada and Gou Nagakura have joined the baseball club…

…and it seems that they impressed the coach and the rest of the club with their battery combination.

Well, I have to say that both Takumi and Gou will become starters in no time!

However, I don’t think they’ll play a game very soon as Tomura-sensei is bothered with Harada’s attitude, such as not following the coach’s order of cutting his own hair because it’s unnecessary. In truth, it’s necessary to cut a player’s hair to its desirable length (as in semi-bald) in real-life!

Anyways, I think it’s time for Takumi Harada to change his attitude, or what’s the point for Gou Nagakura of joining the baseball club if his partner can’t follow orders. Well then, I’ll see you next week!

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