Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #04

Hey everyone, this is the character that Nana Mizuki will lend her voice: A timid teacher named Yumeko Tachibana who will take over Koyama-sensei as the new advisor of the art club.

By the way, this is Koyama-sensei as he’ll move to the newspaper club. We’ll sure miss him even though he rarely shows up!

Anyways, Yumeko-sensei goes into the art club and so far it seems normal… except for the club president in which he’s currently napping.

Yumeko Tachibana thinks that the club president is a delinquent, but I think he’s just lazy!

However, Yumeko-sensei is starting to freak out a bit when Subaru Uchimaki brought out his waifu with cat-ears and tail.

Um Subaru-kun, you’re making her uneasy with your waifu obsession!

Anyways, after clearing up misunderstandings by Mizuki Usami, both Usami and Uchimaki showed their sketch portrait to Yumeko-sensei!

Yeah, this is what they build up with as a surprise to the new club advisor! Also, the reason why Uchimaki brought out his waifu is because he wanted Yumeko-sensei to have cat ears and tail.

In any case, Yumeko Tachibana loves it and she’s looking forward to be the art club’s advisor.

Um Yumeko-sensei, you sure look cute when you’re doing that salute!

One last thing before we go, here’s Mizuki Usami’s mother who always look over her daughter very much.

I’ll tell you why she’s so doting over Mizuki-chan!

Anyways, here’s Subaru Uchimaki as he visits Mizuki’s home to hand out some homework sheets. However, this is the time where Mizuki’s mother came to the picture…

Look at her, she’s staring at Subaru-kun like a stalker. Um Mrs. Usami, I think you’re creeping Subaru out!

Well then, that’s it for this week’s episode!

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