Kuromukuro Episode #17

Let’s start things off at Efidolg as they’re getting closer of gathering all hinge stones, yet their motive is still vague as we don’t know what they’re planning to do with it!

Meanwhile, Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma went outside the Kurobe Laboratory to find Muetta or Yukihime deep below the dam.

While it’s great that they’re finding the princess or should I say an Efidolg frontier officer, I doubt about Muetta or Yukihime surviving that fall from last week’s episode!

Unfortunately, it seems that their search will be postponed when an Efidolg agent arrives at the scene.

Oh yeah, and this geoframe code-named Bluebird will be hard to take it down because it’s flying!

Anyways, this is Yoruba and he’s here to find the remaining hinge stones as well as picking up Muetta and Mirasa along the way.

Come to think of it, how many Efidolg frontier officers left standing?

Also, Yoruba attacked this US cargo plane that contains GAUS parts. Yeah, that wasn’t nice!

Oh, and those parts are dropping and I doubt that they’ll recover it all!

Yoruba, you sneaky bastard for attacking an American military aircraft!

Good thing the Kuromukuro managed to rescue the crew members aboard the cargo plane. Still, it’s sucks that the GAUS parts scattered somewhere around the Kurobe Dam!

Meanwhile, Yoruba picked up Mirasa but he didn’t believe that Muetta is dead unless they found her body.

Well Mirasa, looks like your plan didn’t work as you’ll have to join Yoruba on finding your comrade, dead or alive!

But first, they need to destroy the black Glongur by grabbing it towards the sky and attack it from there.

At this point, both Kennosuke and Yukina are helpless as the Kuromukuro can’t fly.

That’s until a mysterious entity, who happened to be a winged geoframe, appeared to aid both Kennosuke and Yukina!

On the other hand, I wonder if this mysterious entity happened to be the masked demon (or Takehito Shirahane)?

Anyways, the Kuromukuro gained flight by combining it with the winged geoframe like a backpack. Oh, and it has a spear included which is great for stabbing the enemy geoframes at a distance!

In any case, Kuromukuro’s new power has bested both Yoruba and Mirasa that they retreated!

Well, seems that both Efidolg officers will have to postpone their retrieval of the hinge stones as well as Muetta for the time being.

Meanwhile, the winged geoframe will part ways for now. While it’ll return to aid Kuromukuro, the geoframe’s identity is still a mystery!

Anyways, another battle has ended in this week’s episode of Kuromukuro. Don’t worry though as Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma will be fine once they made a safe landing.

While the personnel at Kurobe Laboratory will try to track down the GAUS parts and recover it, both Yukina and Kennosuke will continue searching for Muetta! Of course, whether she’s dead or alive is up in the air…

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