Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume Episode #04

Well, look likes Mr. Junker has finally found liquor after drinking rain water all day! Then again, it could be a trap…

Not until Yumemi Hoshino nonchalantly grab the whisky and gave it to the Junker. If this was really a trap, they would be dead right now!

Anyways, it’s time for the Junker to tell the serious stuff to Yumemi Hoshino as no matter what optimism she has, the city’s power supply and her customers won’t come back to see the planetarium.

Therefore, he gave her two options on whether to stay at the department store, or to join with the Junker and make their escape.

Then again, I think her logic dictates that she’ll stay at the department store and wait for her customers to return. Unfortunately for Yumemi, what she awaits there will be a slow and painful death.

In any case, the next episode will determine Yumemi Hoshino’s future!

But then again, I have a feeling that this short series is heading towards a bad ending as the Junker got unlucky against this mech…

…which fired its railgun towards the building where he stays there. Let’s hope that the Junker is alive, but I doubt about it!

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