Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #04

Remember this girl from Episode 2? Well, this is Ingrid Tiesto and I have to tell you something important about her as she’s actually the former princess of Rimgarde!

Then again, I wonder why Ingrid still exist when her country has fallen 12 years ago?

Also, it seems that Ingrid partnered up with Kei, who is actually a Regalia just like Rena and Tia.

Come to think of it, I wonder if the three Regalias corresponds with the sacred treasures of Japan?

One more thing, here’s Johann and I have to say that he’s still an asshole!

Oh yeah, and he’s in cahoots with Ingrid but I doubt that Johann will work with her plan!

Meanwhile, here’s one of Ingrid’s military commander named Abel Lundestad who asked Yui or Empress Yuinshel Asteria to hand over Rena for unspecific reasons.

Of course, Rena won’t hand herself over the likes of Abel Lundestad like that! I mean, we don’t know why they wanted Rena in the first place when she destroyed the Kingdom of Regalia 12 years ago.

For now, Abel Lundestad and Ingrid Tiesto’s reason for taking Rena won’t be revealed for the time being. God, they’re so fuckin’ vague!

Anyways, the only thing that Rena will respond to Commander Lundestad’s demands is transforming into Magna Alecto!

Yeah, violence is the only solution to anything!

Of course, Commander Lundestad is prepared for that so he summons his Regalia Gear just in case!

Now then, will Rena beat this old guy to a pulp because she’s controlling Magna Alecto together with Yui?

Nah, not a chance though as Abel Lundestad just curb-stomp both Yui and Rena up!

Well, it’s sucks that they’re beaten up badly. Now if you may ask if Rena is a bit rusty? The answer is no, but she’s somewhat emotionally unstable right now!

Fortunately, help has arrived when Sara and Tia came to the scene, but it seems that they broke the bridge!

Well, these two girls aren’t enemies to both Yui and Rena, but it looks like Abel Lundestad will have to make his retreat as he can’t fight Rena when she’s feeling troubled!

As for Sara and Tia, I guess they can’t do anything but to make their escape and do odd jobs again.

Meanwhile, Yui told Rena to calm herself down as the battle is over. However, it’s sucks that Rena felt ashamed that she can’t fight at her best and can’t protect Yui on her own power!

But you know what, I think that they should depend on each other. Even though they’re not blood-related, Yui and Rena should act like sisters no matter what! And also, they’re not alone…

In fact, they’re supported by Empress Yuinshel’s staff so it’s not like both of them are protecting Enastoria by themselves!

See, both Yui and Rena should know that there’s someone who gives them a helping hand whatever they can, whether it’s country matters or even emotional support!

Anyways, that’s about it for Episode 4 of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars as the series will return in either late September or October with Episode 5!

Now according to Anime News Network, Actas has having trouble with the show’s quality, but I doubt that as someone made a terrible blunder just like Girls und Panzer. It’s sucks, but that’s how it goes!

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