Alderamin on the Sky Episode #04

Hey guys, it’s Sarihaslag Remion and he’s freaking confident that he’ll win this mock battle. Then again, his arrogance will put him down like any character voiced by Takehito Koyasu!

In any case, Ikta Solork’s strategy will have two platoon advancing towards Sarihaslag’s troops. One from the left flank…

…and the other from the front where they’ll cross over the river.

Oh and don’t you think that this muddy river will slow them down as Ikta ordered his troops to create a bridge beneath the river using logs cut down from the Isu tree.

In any case, looks like Captain Sarihaslag got fucked up with this unexpected tactic from Ikta Solork. As much that I hate to say this, he’s doomed!

But don’t worry though as Sarihaslag Remion has Yatorishino Igsem so if you try to assassinate that jerkass captain, you’ll have to get past Yatori first!

Then again, Ikta Solork won’t waste his energy trying to bring Sarihaslag down…

…as he and his men decided not to pursue that asshole. I mean, Ikta is expecting a surprise pincer attack from Sarihaslag so he doesn’t bother to chase him down and make their exit!

However, Sarihaslag Remion and his men have arrived to block their escape route.

Nice play there from Sarihaslag, but I don’t think blocking Ikta Solork’s troops won’t make him a winner!

Not until someone shot him at the back of his head! Take a guess on who put a head shot onto Sarihaslag Remion.

Why it’s none other than Torway Remion as he made that head shot towards his asshole brother. Kudos to Torway for giving Sarihaslag a taste of humiliating defeat!

I mean, Sarihaslag Remion just go down easily! If this was a real battle, Sarihaslag Remion is pretty much dead.

Anyways, the mock battle is over and Ikta Solork’s troops have claimed victory! However, this episode ain’t over yet…

In fact, Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik and her guards were ambushed. I wonder who did this dastardly act?

Why it’s none other than Chamille’s own royal guard captain Ison Ho, who decides to kidnap the princess as vengeance for letting Lt. General Hazaf Rikan die while defending the eastern front.

Now I don’t know if the Katjvarna Empire is doing a political purge, but letting the empire’s best general being killed in action during a hopeless battle is unacceptable!

In any case, Yatorishino Igsem arrived to rescue the princess and stop Captain Ison Ho from doing something terrible!

Then again, it’s not like Ison Ho will just surrender and face the music, as he and his comrades are trained by Lt. General Rikan in order to react these sticky situations.

One example is grabbing Yatori’s sword with his palm. Yes it’s painful to look at, but it’s necessary for Ison Ho to pin Yatorishino Igsem down!

At this point, it’s doom and gloom for both Yatorishino Igsem and Princess Chamille Kitra Katjvanmaninik.

Even though Captain Ison Ho managed to execute the princess and Yatorishino, I think that they’ll made the situation very worse once the emperor heard about it. C’mon, you can’t have the emperor suffer hysteria!

Fortunately, help has arrived when Torway Remion sniped Ison Ho just to knock him away from Yatorishino Igsem.

Basically, Ikta Solork and his comrades have arrived to rescue Yatorishino and Princess Chamille.

Of course, Yatorishino will do the slashing against Ison’s men. I mean, she’s capable of killing a bunch of soldiers will covering herself with their blood!

Anyways, Ison Ho and his fellow mutineers are slaughtered.

As for Ison Ho, he commented that Ikta’s tactics are similar to Bada Sankrei before biting the dust.

Well, it’s not a coincidence as Ikta learned it from his father. But yeah, it’s sucks that Ison’s noble plan of revenge has thwarted by a mere military school student like Ikta Solork!

Speaking of Ikta Solork, looks like he’s making fun of Princess Chamille. After all, she made fun of his mother back in Episode 2!

Then again, I think he’s gone too far as Ikta made the princess cry. Ikta Solork, you’re a heartless idiot!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and I have to say that he’ll become the laziest but brilliant commander of the Katjvarna Empire!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I like that this story feels like it is moving and going reasonably quickly. I was thinkingthe training exercise was going to take the whole episode but they got through that and moved on to the next thing, but it didn’t feel rushed either.

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